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RE: get down on it - mindwrack - 02-04-2013

Thank you Mannequin! spent a lot longer on it than the sketches, didnt really count how long though, probably 10+ hours though :P
self portrait, i need to get better at painting eyes
[Image: Day%201%20Self%20Portrait.png]

RE: get down on it - mindwrack - 02-12-2013

have made a decision i'm going to be focusing on my traditional work for the next year and a half, i am doing a fine art degree afterall so i may as well make the most of it. this means there may be less updates but ill try to get some photos!
anyhow, for now
[Image: lost.png]

RE: get down on it - atrenr - 02-12-2013

Best of luck man, be sure to update when you can so we can see you're traditional progress too!
I like how the vine enviro turned out <3

RE: get down on it - mindwrack - 02-13-2013

thanks terran, i will try to!
for now heres a crappy landscape
[Image: sketch%20landscape%20whatwhat.png]

RE: get down on it - mindwrack - 02-16-2013

[Image: e.png]
when in doubt, add fog

RE: get down on it - mindwrack - 02-18-2013

todays environment sketch
getting over my fear of straight lines, one line at a time
[Image: enviro%20s2.png]

RE: get down on it - Heavenwill - 02-18-2013

I get good feelings when looking at those enviros, I love that

RE: get down on it - mindwrack - 02-20-2013

thanks heaven!
so my skull cast arrived !
here is a crappy unfinished study, ill do better ones in the future i promise
[Image: SKull%20study1.png]

RE: get down on it - Blewzen - 02-23-2013

loving your stuff! specially the fog landscape looks sweet :)

I'm new if you are interested check my sketchbook:

I need some feedback, critiques lol

Keep the hard work man!

RE: BRAVE LIKE A BEAR - mindwrack - 03-10-2013

thanks blewzen, i've been working on my oil painting a lot but my camera is broken so no photos except for this crappy one i took ages ago.
anyway going to berlin for a week for art stuffs, exceedingly excited, hopefully when im back i can take some photos of work and update with some bloodsports 13 stuff
[Image: alice.png]

RE: BRAVE LIKE A BEAR - mindwrack - 03-20-2013

oil crap/unfinished stuff/what
[Image: oil1.png]
[Image: oil%203.png]
[Image: oil%204.png]
[Image: oil%202.png]
[Image: oil%205.png]

RE: BRAVE LIKE A BEAR - jneumann26 - 03-20-2013

Hey man! Great book, really really digging the stuff that youre putting out, keep it up!

RE: BRAVE LIKE A BEAR - Blewzen - 03-26-2013

Interesting oils man, I did really few oil stuff in my life, but I feel maybe i need to do some someday, it's cool :)

RE: BRAVE LIKE A BEAR - mindwrack - 04-01-2013

thanks guys!
im pretty bad at taking photos of my stuff but for now here is a 3 hourish alla prima self portrait,
sorry bad photo
eyes are a bit small i might fix later
[Image: 2013-03-31%2017.04.15.png]

RE: BRAVE LIKE A BEAR - mindwrack - 04-06-2013

bloodsports 14 stuff

Human form:
[Image: final%201.png]

Beast form:
[Image: final%202.png]

comp sketchs
[Image: comp%201.png]


[Image: study%201.png]

[Image: study%202.png]

[Image: study%203.png]

[Image: study%204.png]

[Image: HJPaVpE.png]

character final

[Image: Aa89tKS.jpg]

character sketches, once i decided to go for the octopus i was torn between going for a feudal japan design with elements from the fisherman's wife tale or roman design with elements of the god neptune, went roman in the end

[Image: K72fhHy.png]

RE: BRAVE LIKE A BEAR - proskurinartwork - 04-07-2013

like the studys for bs14 !
and nice traditional work dude

well invested time, keep going :>

RE: BRAVE LIKE A BEAR - mindwrack - 04-09-2013

thanks proskurin!
it turns out this painting business is hard, going to get my shit together and start studying properly again so here is todays anatomy and a velazquez study
[Image: Anatomy%20Day%201.png]
[Image: Portrait%20Day%201.png]

RE: BRAVE LIKE A BEAR - Danar - 04-09-2013

good work man, i like your last 2 environments ! keep at it man:D!

RE: BRAVE LIKE A BEAR - Zesiul - 04-09-2013

Amzing studies! Color, value, shape, anatomy. You've just hit it out of the park. If I may add my two cents; I think a little bit of brush control and work with material may help push some of those concepts to the next level!

For instance, the materials on your Bloodsport 14 entry, the armor felt like it was perhaps not the right metal you may have wanted it to be throughout the concepts. If you take some time to look into how each item reflects and refracts light then I think you could use that knowledge to push these ideas even further!

Good luck! And fantastic portrait studies!

RE: BRAVE LIKE A BEAR - mindwrack - 04-10-2013

thanks guys! and zesiul you're right, was struggling with that on bs 14, it was a bit of an eye opener! i might try some studies with limited brush strokes and ill definitely start applying studies more
this week is going to be renaissance week, was going to be for bloodsports 15 but i'm going back to uni next week so won't be able to finish it, another velazquez study today; las meninas.
was taking a lot of time so not completely finished but i got the important bits down
[Image: Anatomy%20Day%202%20.png]
[Image: Master%20Day%202.png]