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RE: BRAVE LIKE A BEAR - mindwrack - 05-27-2013

arm studies
[Image: arm%20studies.png]

RE: BRAVE LIKE A BEAR - mindwrack - 05-27-2013

castle ruins study for a piece im working on, ill get over my fear of straight lines one day
[Image: castle%20study.png]

RE: BRAVE LIKE A BEAR - mindwrack - 05-27-2013

[Image: Portrait%20day%208.png]

RE: BRAVE LIKE A BEAR - mindwrack - 05-30-2013

landscape sketch, crits appreciated..
[Image: landscape%20daily%202.png]

RE: BRAVE LIKE A BEAR - florentK - 05-30-2013

i will try commenting your last work..( i m not used to..sorry if it sounds lame)

you can add foreground element trees, foliages to create more mysterious to the 'door'. Architecturally speaking, the proportion of the doors should be reversed , bigger height to the bottom to stabilize the door/passage aspect. Here we may feel than there is a piece inside in the first floor and your door more looks like a balconry . But since you put a bridge connecting the two sides i don't see this kind of architecture but more like a frontal door for an underground passage.
The two curvy things besides the main things are tilting a little bit and appear to not being in the same perspective to the rest of your image. i don't think they serve the composition a lot.
The foreground right part should be darker to create more differences and physical spaces between the door ( if it is one :) )and the foreground. We have to feel the gap you have created .Curiously here the focal point is more on the bridge than the door. ( composition and color values).

Personnally ( here it is not objective any more) i will make the door bigger. Put the view more on the ground (may be eye level ) to add more drama. add more haze everywhere to the other side but some parts of the red elements. And because i love architecture, suggest more details to reinforce the focal point to your architectural element ( is it a passage door ? :p ).

The point of view and the scale of things don't really help you to create precise interest. It looks like you have two pictures in one. To the left a great green landcape to the left another thing.. Using an isometric view is certainly efficient to expose an overall view of one environmnent but i don't think it s good for what you want to express here ( a road ending under a giant door getting underground somewhere..)

sorry for my english , i can make an overpaint but i don't really think confident commenting someone's else work .. i hope it helps though .

good thread btw !

RE: BRAVE LIKE A BEAR - mindwrack - 05-30-2013

thanks florentk, i really appreciate the criticisms, i will change a few things!
for now here is an old oil painting i forgot to post
[Image: IMG_0506.png]
piece i started for the swamp elder bloogsports but i doubt ill finish it so here it is
[Image: final.png]

RE: BRAVE LIKE A BEAR - mindwrack - 06-05-2013

i have been at the workshop in london over the weekend which was awesome and really inspiring! got some great advice including a portfolio review from kekai kotaki :D
anyway here is a doodle i did while i was there
[Image: workshop1.png]
a quick 1hr ish skull study from today
[Image: day%201%20still%20life.png]

RE: BRAVE LIKE A BEAR - mindwrack - 06-08-2013

horse study..
[Image: day3%20horse%20study.png]


RE: BRAVE LIKE A BEAR - natori - 06-08-2013

On the horse study, you gave your horse a bit of booty and thicker neck. The neck and rear curve a bit too much which altered the rest of it a bit. The horse is also a bit long in the length which is from the added curves from the rear and neck.

Overall, this is a great study and just those two things stick out when i compared the ref and the study side by side. Your colors are brighter and clearer than the ref but it doesn't take away from it. It's actually better that way. Keep it up =D

RE: BRAVE LIKE A BEAR - mindwrack - 06-12-2013

thanks natori! you're right about the proportions :P i did change the colours intentionally cause the ref wasn't great
here is a bouguereau study from today, was mainly focusing on getting the subtle changes in skin tones he does
[Image: w2%20d1%20master%20study.png]

RE: BRAVE LIKE A BEAR - mindwrack - 07-05-2013

[Image: Old%20kings.png]

RE: BRAVE LIKE A BEAR - mindwrack - 07-10-2013

[Image: landscape%20study%204.png]
[Image: Day%202%20sargent%20study.png]
[Image: arnold%20study.png]
[Image: gary%20ooooldman.png]
[Image: studydstudy.png]
[Image: landscaoe%20study.png]
[Image: %C3%9F%CB%9A3t%CB%99%C3%A7.png]
[Image: sketch%203.png]

RE: BRAVE LIKE A BEAR - Archreux - 07-10-2013

Man your brushstrokes are insane. Please please please finish the painting in post #153 with the two men in the mountain, it's got a load of potential and interest to it. The studies you've been doing are also really appealing to look at, it's evident that you definitely know how to maintain readability with such looseness.

If I were to crit I wouldn't have much to say seeing as your stuff is looking pretty good where they are right now, I personally would love to see a few brought to a finish, really. :]

I'll be keeping an eye out for your stuff, man. Don't stop with the work.

RE: BRAVE LIKE A BEAR - mindwrack - 07-28-2013

thanks archreux, i tried to refine this one more!
[Image: tree%20gods%204.png]

RE: BRAVE LIKE A BEAR - Izzual - 07-28-2013

Wow that last piece is great ! You got wonderful brush strokes, very nice colors ! Can't wait to see it finished ! :D

Loving your studies by the way, Tusken raider <3

Keep the great work up !

RE: BRAVE LIKE A BEAR - Madzia - 07-28-2013

you nailed it in last piece, amazing light, i'm jealous

RE: BRAVE LIKE A BEAR - Trevor S. - 07-28-2013

Hey Oliver, i was acutally there yesterday at the hangout when u were working on this. I would say that the foreground could be darker and some atmospheric perspective could be added more with just a few layers where u erase out the foreground guys, to push everything back a bit. the monsters look really sat, just my two cents. Great work, really cool illustration.

RE: BRAVE LIKE A BEAR - Jonesoda - 07-28-2013

Damn mindwrack awesome work! Love this stuff your putting out.

RE: BRAVE LIKE A BEAR - mindwrack - 09-11-2013

thanks for the comments, sorry i keep forgetting to update here!

anyway, sketches, studies and wips
[Image: 2013-09-11%2013.07.18.png]
[Image: 2013-09-11%2013.06.42.png]
[Image: IMG_0709-2.png]
[Image: 2013-09-11%2013.07.38.png]
[Image: 2013-09-11%2013.07.31.png]
[Image: Sketches.png]
[Image: Final.png]
[Image: holy%20priest.png]
[Image: Spaceart%20Painting%20battle.png]
[Image: samurai%20fight.png]
[Image: Untitled1.png]
[Image: normalcard.png]
[Image: nudestudy.png]
[Image: Armorstudy1.png]

RE: BRAVE LIKE A BEAR - mindwrack - 09-02-2014

[Image: rocks_and_stuff_by_oliverryanart-d6i8apf.png]

[Image: grad-show-015.png]

[Image: Untitled_170x104_OilOnCanvas.jpg]

[Image: rocks_again_by_oliverryanart-d7tjgto.png]

[Image: undead_prince_by_oliverryanart-d7xfgmi.png]