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Sketchbook Icon preview - Silwynar - 02-13-2012

Hey there!

Another suggestion, which was already mentioned in the forum.

How about small sketchbook icon's in the sketchbook section.
Something like over at CA forum.

It heeelps a loot to recognize sketchbooks in my opinion.


RE: Sketchbook Icon preview - Fingus - 02-15-2012

Also a Recently Uploaded banner like they have at ZbrushCentral would be sweet. I have stumbled upon a lot of great art through that one.

RE: Sketchbook Icon preview - Dennis Kutsenko - 02-17-2012

I'm gonna have to ask my brother to help me out on this one. Don't know if I'll be able to do it, but I'll try.

RE: Sketchbook Icon preview - Silwynar - 02-18-2012

Awesome you're going to try it.