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question - sam_westall - 06-18-2014

I cant seem to attach any files to my posts, whats the procedure to do that?

RE: question - Amit Dutta - 06-18-2014

Hit new reply
below the text area, is the attachment section.
Click "choose file".
Select your image
Click add attachment.
Wait for it to upload.
The page will refresh with the new attachment in the attachment list. Notice the "insert into post" button next to it.
Go to the area in your post where you want the image to be, then click the "insert into post" button. It will add the code for the attachment into the post.
Hit "post reply" and you're done.

You can also do image hot links by url, using7ng the image button in the post text content editor.

Remember to click the subscribe radio button below the content area if you want to be notified of replies.

RE: question - namcur - 06-20-2014

Hey, i have the same problem, but after i press add attachment, it still shows that i have "You are currently using N/A of your allocated attachment usage" and my attachment list is empty :C i have tried so many times to do it but no use :C, help ?

RE: question - sam_westall - 06-20-2014

Done as you said MonkeyBread, but it doesn't seem to work as no images show in the post.

/:S no idea why its not working.

RE: question - namcur - 06-20-2014

soooo , still not working and donno what to do :(

RE: question - Amit Dutta - 06-20-2014

Recommend you PM wolkenfels, Dennis Kutsenenko or Atrenr if you are having issues. They are admins and can help sort out any account or backend issues. :)

RE: question - JyonnyNovice - 10-31-2014

I never got the hang of the attachment system either - I use an external website (imgur), like Amit mentioned, you can put images up there, (up to 700 on a free account) and link them directly in a post.

When you upload an image to imgur it gives you a selection of codes you can copy and paste, if you copy the one called 'for forums' that looks something like

[ img ] i.imgur/image.jpg [ / img ]

and copy / paste that into your post your image will show. It's useful having them externally as well because you can link to them from other websites, or show someone in skype quickly for example.