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Nat's Sketchbook - Eristhe - 09-21-2014

Hi! I'm a 21 year old living in the UK with one more year to go at uni, trying to get good before I have to get a job flipping burgers : D Was pointed to the site from permanoobs!

Here's some stuff I've done in the last month

RE: Nat's Sketchbook [Updated Daily] - Eristhe - 09-22-2014

Some stuff from today! Really struggled today, but maybe it means I'm improving? :|

Bridgman stuff

Notes from Anthony Jones


Some imagination stuff, all came out below par tbh, my messy edges are driving me crazy

RE: Nat's Sketchbook [Updated Daily] - Eristhe - 09-23-2014

Some stuff from today, struggled today then went back to some semi comfort zone/painterly stuff because my motivation was lowwww, will go back to the hard stuff tomorrow. Really need to improve my edge control, everything I do always looks so messy

Anatomy stuff

Imagination stuff

RE: Nat's Sketchbook [Updated Daily] - devinn - 09-23-2014

I respect the fear, I really do. If you stay consistent like this then you will surely reach your goal. You're doing all of the right stuff; studying, applying, sketching, playing, applying, studying...just try not to become complacent with the same material!

RE: Nat's Sketchbook [Updated Daily] - Eristhe - 09-24-2014

@Mannyhaatz I hope so! It's encouraging to hear it though. I think need to start varying my subject material a bit though, so as not to become complacent, as you said.

Felt like I had a breakthrough with rendering today! And had some fun with brushes and the mixer brush.

RE: Nat's Sketchbook [Updated Daily] - Eristhe - 09-25-2014

some stuff from today! mostly self indulgent/comfort zone because a lot of distractions, plus going away for the weekend tomorrow

RE: Nat's Sketchbook [Updated Daily] - meat - 09-26-2014

Good to see you have lots of studies, and your aim seems to be portraits. Since you're doing so many studies of the whole figure, try doing more color piece that's also full figure or at least down to waist. :)

RE: Nat's Sketchbook [Updated Daily] - Eristhe - 09-30-2014

@meat Thanks for the critique, I definitely will re-focus on to some full figure stuff! I've been sitting in my comfort zone too much I think.

Back from my convention, got some great portfolio reviews and feel re-focused. Squeezed in some anatomy today between the train and work, going to try to finish up my fire piece tomorrow then start the next month afresh

RE: Nat's Sketchbook [Updated Daily] - Eristhe - 10-01-2014

Kicked the plug of my PC like a pro today and lost all the studies from the afternoon. Here's some stuff that survived plus work on the elf illustration. It's been festering so long that I can see all the fundamental errors now so just gonna try to get it done : | New month tomorrow though so gonna start new stuff, focus will be on construction and still life, gonna do some more full body designs.

RE: Nat's Sketchbook [Updated Daily] - Eristhe - 10-02-2014

Stuff from today. Still feel like I'm banging my head against the wall with this illustration but I am making headway at least. sorted out a perspective grid so I know where the floor is etc

RE: Nat's Sketchbook [Updated Daily] - Eristhe - 10-03-2014

Work killed my productivity today :| but on the plus side rendered half my elf piece! rendering is the worst

RE: Nat's Sketchbook [Updated Daily] - Eristhe - 10-04-2014

Finished the damned elf piece, got to the point where I just couldn't bring myself to work on it any more -.- really dissatisfied with it but such is life, at least I know some things to work on now and can actually move on with my life

RE: Nat's Sketchbook [Updated Daily] - Eristhe - 10-05-2014

Stuff from today, struggled so ended up sticking with comfort zone stuff and studies, gonna push myself tomorrow!

RE: Nat's Sketchbook [Updated Daily] - Eristhe - 10-06-2014

stuff from today, did a full body thing, it kicked my arse :|

RE: Nat's Sketchbook [Updated Daily] - Eristhe - 10-07-2014

Today I discovered I am terrible at drawing straight lines and things in perspective. Gonna crack onto those fundamentals next.

RE: Nat's Sketchbook [Updated Daily] - Eristhe - 10-08-2014

/generic complaint about uni taking up all my time

Got to do actual life drawing (and painting with real paints which was hilarious). Also, still life! : D

RE: Nat's Sketchbook [Updated Daily] - Eristhe - 10-09-2014

Stuff from today! more life drawing and some other stuff, went back to one of my older sketches and improved it a lot

RE: Nat's Sketchbook [Updated Daily] - pnate - 10-09-2014

Heyy I know you! :) That illustration in first post came out nicely btw. Keep up those studies, they are looking sweet and I can really see it improving your imagination work.

RE: Nat's Sketchbook [Updated Daily] - Eristhe - 10-10-2014

@pnate Hey man, thanks for the heads up about this forum! : ) And cheers for the encouragement, I'm going to keep doing as much as I can, hopefully there'll be a big improvement in my next major illustration. Need to vary my subject material for studies a bit more though.

Work AND uni today so I just squeezed in some stuff whenever I had a spare moment. Two line drawings are a base for paint studies I'll hopefully be able to do tomorrow.

RE: Nat's Sketchbook [Updated Daily] - Eristhe - 10-11-2014

Work ate my time again. Finished Bridgman's book and started a tonal study