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RE: Bookend's Tome of Effort - crackedskull - 08-26-2015

Bird head shoulders! Its priceless hahaha. Never saw it that way :D
People have already given you loads of advice, so I got nothing new to add, just keep on practicing.

RE: Bookend's Tome of Effort - Bookend - 08-27-2015

Cricketts: Thanks!  Yeah, I've been studying mindlessly for years.  I've finally started applying it and doing it from memory, so I definitely feel more confident that I'm learning more effectively.  I'd totally recommend doing it this way for anyone who wants to get good, haha. Grin

ZombieChinChilla: My thanks. :Grin I'm taking notes here and there- Mostly just learning the general shapes, then applying the muscular names once I have a handle on how they're moving together.  Thanks for the tips!  I'm taking as much time as I can on each, to get the shapes. You keep it up too!

crackedskull: Yeah, I totally recommend looking at shapes and trying to identify them in a different way, so they're easier to remember.  It's not just funny, it's also helpful!  haha.  Grin Thanks man.  I'll keep at it!


20 hours, 47 minutes / 10000

Someone recommended Michael Hampton awhile back, and I've finally got my hands on a book.  It's very constructive, I think.

Here's my work from today.  More to come.

RE: Bookend's Tome of Effort - Bookend - 08-27-2015

21 hours 35 minutes/10000


RE: Bookend's Tome of Effort - Bookend - 08-27-2015

25 hours 11 minutes/10000

60 reference / 88
40 memory / 88

Uhh.. I think I'm gonna beat my deadline by a lot. Grin

Also, I've found a more economic use of space. However... I'm a bit concerned about my photoshop brushes. I've been experimenting, but it doesn't seem right. I'm using Krita, so if anyone has brushes for that, or abr files, send me in that direction. Thumbs_up

Now for hands!

RE: Bookend's Tome of Effort - CoreyH - 08-27-2015

Crazy the difference 25 hours has made. Solid work effort :) will keep checking back

RE: Bookend's Tome of Effort - Broadway - 08-27-2015

Whoa way more 3d! Definitely very noticeable progress. Now you're thinking with portals!

RE: Bookend's Tome of Effort - Vornag - 08-28-2015

I found that limiting my brush selection to the barebone essentials really helped me out. not sure if it'll work for Kirita.

But wow, you're making massive headway with every entry. Great job.

RE: Bookend's Tome of Effort - Bookend - 08-28-2015

CoreyH: Hey, thanks a lot! Grin

Broadway: Wootwoot! Thumbs_up Thanks man!

Vornag: Thanks!  I tried them, but I'm not sure if I'm finding the right ones, haha.  I agree-- I prefer the basic ones.  Just to get a clean line down with, is all.  Hmm..  Ah well.  Thanks again! Grin

27 hours 33 minutes/ 10000

71/88 (reference)
51/88 (memory/imagination)

So, I got started on the hands.  They're intimidating little demons.  I've been trying to learn about them from different references, but I ended up coming back to Hampton.  He's good.

I think after I've got the general idea of the anatomy, I'll try Hogarth.  I understand that he's...  Stylistic.  But, I think it's good to use multiple references to see how many different artists interpret form.

What do you guys think?

RE: Bookend's Tome of Effort - CoreyH - 08-28-2015

Nice work again. I agree completely too, theres some great artists out there that recommend Hogarth. Always cool to see that kind of styleisation too, get tips on how to do it etc.

RE: Bookend's Tome of Effort - jsel - 08-28-2015

Quote:So, I got started on the hands.  They're intimidating little demons.  I've been trying to learn about them from different references, but I ended up coming back to Hampton.  He's good.

I think after I've got the general idea of the anatomy, I'll try Hogarth.  I understand that he's...  Stylistic.  But, I think it's good to use multiple references to see how many different artists interpret form.

What do you guys think?
I think certain teachers can fill in blanks left by other instructors in this regard. Hampton is a very well rounded instructor, where as someone like Hogarth really pushes form to an exaggerated level that may be easier for some to grasp and internalize. Just like how we're told to exaggerate a pose to get a good gesture, Hogarth kind of does that with form.

Nice studies man, would like to see some of your personal work too though!

RE: Bookend's Tome of Effort - VoodooMama - 08-29-2015

I think t's good as well.
Usually I read as many artbooks as I can (I love reading art instruction books at the library ^^) some are better than others but you won't know until you read them and judge them yourself :P
I read Hogarths anatomy book many years ago, I found it useful at the time for drawing from imagination, even though he is very stylistic.

Studies are looking better each time btw, specially on form, keep it up!

RE: Bookend's Tome of Effort - CTrow - 08-29-2015

Great progress on the studies Bookend. Im loving the arm studies, I really get a sense of the forms turning in space.
good work Thumbs_up

RE: Bookend's Tome of Effort - Bookend - 08-31-2015

CoreyH:  Thanks!  Yeah, I thought so too.  Grin

jsel:  I agree-- That makes a lot of sense!  Thanks for your input on it. Thumbs_up And thanks-- Gotta work hard!  There's plenty of time for personal work.  I wouldn't even know how to do more than doodling really, haha.  Any tips?

VoodooMama:  Thanks!  Yeah, I love looking at different reference material as well.  You can piece it together in your own way, that way, and fill in the gaps that one artist may be missing.  Coming at it from one textbook is like looking at an arm from only one angle, I figure.  Oh, thanks a lot.  I'm starting to get lazy, haha.  Hope I can be as good as you one day. Grin

CTrow: Thanks a lot!  I'm starting to see them turning in space, which is really, really cool.  But, I'm not quite there yet. (Never will be, I guess--  Art is a continuing journey!) Grin


31 hours 11 minutes/ 10, 000 hours

Memory/Imagination arm/hands: 63/88
Referenced Arm/Hands: 84/88 (missed marking one of them in the drawing)

So, I'm really close to my goal now!  It's not really such a rush to get it done, but I'm kind of getting sick of arms and hands, haha.  I think I'll do some torsos to put those arm/shoulder muscles into perspective, maybe.  Or maybe I'll do more arm bones and a more thorough anatomical analysis.  I actually do lots of references that I erase after, and some memories that I erase as well.  I also have done lots of hand/arm studies in my physical sketchbook, but I'm not counting them for this goal.  They're just happy extras.

Also, I committed myself to doing this coming week's CHOW, so that's super exciting.  I'm kinda intimidated, but I figure I might as well try.

Annnd on the end date of my goal (September 20th), around that time, anyway, this environmental design mentorship thing starts up.  Like 46 of us have signed up, right?  How cool is this gonna be?!  I'm looking forward to stretching different brain muscles, and having assignments will be great motivation. 

It's gonna be tough for Amit to do so many personalized crits, I think, but I hope that I get at least a couple of sentences of feedback, haha.  But, even if there's no pro-tips, I'll be happy just to have the experience of trying something new.  I've never really done environments before!

So, lots of things to look forward to! 

Think I'm gonna do a colour portrait for fun, just to break up the monotony of doing so many of the same thing, but we'll see.  I'm kinda tired/scattered today.  I'll do my best. Grin

RE: Bookend's Tome of Effort - crackedskull - 08-31-2015

Thats a whole lotta arms and hands, good job.
By all means break up the monotomy, I do it all the time, it helps a lot.

RE: Bookend's Tome of Effort - Archreux - 08-31-2015

Really nice progress from a few pages back, I like that you're really focusing on the line work and construction of anatomy before doing anything else.

Really start thinking about applying what you're learning as soon as possible after you've finished doing some of these studies, if not right away when you're done. (Really awesome to hear you are doing the CHOW!) It's great to test and see what you've retained, and it also produces cool, personal results of application. I still have trouble with this, and it sucks to see things come out shitty at times, but it's totally worth it for the improvement!

The studies themselves are good at the moment, and it really looks like you're being diligent in tracking your hours and taking notes. Just be sure to set aside some time for a good amount of application, and you'll start seeing some quicker results, I'm sure. :]

RE: Bookend's Tome of Effort - Bookend - 08-31-2015

crackedskull:  Woot!  Thanks man.  Yeah, I'm finding it's helping keep things fresh.  Good to stay on track as much as I can.

Archreaux:  Hey, thanks a lot for keeping track, lol.  I'm thinking of doing that, yeah-- Like taking out a photo and picking out the arm/hand anatomy.  Yeah, for the CHOW, I just gotta remember that it's part of the process-- It's okay if it sucks, lol. XD  I'll keep trying to apply more, thanks a lot for the support and tips. Grin


32 hours, 45 minutes/ 10, 000 hours

So, I did a coloured portrait (approx 1 hour + 30 min) of Frank Dillane from the new spin-off show from the walking dead:  Fear the Walking Dead.  First episode was awesome, haha.

This portrait, however, is very lazy.  I could've kept picking at it to make it perfect, but meh.  Was having fun just copying and playing with colour, mostly.  I zoomed out and blocked in the shapes in thumbnail first, then I went in and refined shapes, then went in for the little details.

These brushes are driving me kind of crazy though. I need a good chalk brush. I kinda miss my old setup. Need to re-figure everything out again.

RE: Bookend's Tome of Effort - Lordminkx - 08-31-2015

Wow You really get the likeness well, the blending is a bit hard but it still looks awesome! Keep working man.

RE: Bookend's Tome of Effort - CaDisciple - 08-31-2015

Loving the "see no evil" studies,  I think anatomy can be great practice to improve form and perspective sense.

Most importantly its great to see you entering Character of the Week. If you get frustrated by imagination drawing maybe just keep a crap doodle book that you don't show anybody and commit to scribbling something out everyday.

I think the community character design is a great first step, I'm excited to see what great ideas you come up with.  I'll be rooting for you.

RE: Bookend's Tome of Effort - Broadway - 08-31-2015

Nice portrait! One thing to remember is that eyeballs generally always have light/dark sides just like any lit sphere, plus shadows from the upper lid (assuming overhead lighting) - they are generally not 1 solid color. So by throwing in a dark side + those lid shadows on the eyeballs, you should get instantly better-looking eyes in like 4 brush strokes :P.

Keep it up dude!

RE: Bookend's Tome of Effort - Triggerpigking - 08-31-2015

Good updates man, for the painting I think the dark value around the nose is a bit too dark though, kinda detracts from the rest of the portrait.