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RE: Yang's Sketchbook - yangdaniel027 - 01-06-2018

Just some studies for the day.

If you guys have some time go check out John Frederick Kensett.There's something about his paintings, that made me feel feelings..

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - yangdaniel027 - 04-05-2018

You guys ever start working on something and then realize, aw shit I don't understand "x" enough in order to do what I want and then it leads you down a deep rabbit hole?

Anyways here's something recent, based of the story of Ferdiad

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - yangdaniel027 - 05-02-2018

Alright time for me to post some studies that I was way too lazy to finish. I have a lot more but these were the most...."presentable"..

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - Bookend - 05-03-2018

Loving your practices as usual-- You improve quickly. Continue :)

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - yangdaniel027 - 05-23-2018

Thanks Bookend :)

Some more stuff

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - darktiste - 05-23-2018

I think you could gain alot of knowledge doing LITTLE grey scale with 3 or 4 value.Each study focusing on a specific fundamental.

focus on watching the section 4)Composition Basics to refresh each fundamental and than work a different fundamental each day or a week on each depending on you.

I think it important to work small to have a fast feedback loop you can self anaylse and correct.

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - yangdaniel027 - 05-24-2018

Thanks dark I'll keep that in mind. Just some more studies

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - yangdaniel027 - 06-01-2018

Small update

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - yangdaniel027 - 01-03-2019

Happy New Years :)

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - darktiste - 01-03-2019

You should turn this into a wish card and sell it.

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - Fedodika - 01-04-2019

sweet rendering and shapes yang <3