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RE: Yang's Sketchbook - yangdaniel027 - 07-20-2015

i've been working on stuff..but nothing i'm proud enough to decided to go back to master studies for a while to rebuild some confidence

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - GabbyTaylor - 07-20-2015

(07-20-2015, 02:54 AM)yangdaniel027 Wrote: i've been working on stuff..but nothing i'm proud enough to decided to go back to master studies for a while to rebuild some confidence

You don't have to be proud of things to post them! Like, really, do you think I'm proud of *anything* I've posted? lolnope. That's why we're here! I'm glad you've found a way to improve confidence, though, and so far it's looking amazing! Chin up, and keep up the great work! :D

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - yangdaniel027 - 07-23-2015

yeah just gotta keep grinding :)

the flat watchtower

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - Ursula Dorada - 07-23-2015

Oooh nice studies man :)

The value on this last one are solid, keep pushing it!
if I can recommend something, don't try and do master studies in one sitting - take your time and really polish them - it's an amazing learning experience. The Masters really do know how to finish a painting, edge control and detail placement - but you will only get there in the last steps. So keep pushing :D

Looking forward to more updates!

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - yangdaniel027 - 07-23-2015

Thanks Ursula[b], [/b]I'll keep that in mind :). Originally i used master studies to understand color and light, but that makes sense as well. That'll definitely help me out as I'm pretty confident in blocking things out now, but feel like I can never truly polish and finalize a piece.

getting away from landscapes for a bit

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - yangdaniel027 - 07-25-2015

one in color :)

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - dodeqaa - 07-25-2015

Hello Daniel,

Great sketchbook :) I'm diggin the improvement!

I had some ideas  on your last piece, 




Hope it gives you some food for thought! 

Keep truckin'!

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - yangdaniel027 - 07-26-2015

Wow, thanks for going so in depth, and even doing a paint over for me..that's a first lol, and I really appreciate it. It makes a lot of sense that I should have considered the actual planes of the face more, and how that affects lighting, etc. :)

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - GabbyTaylor - 07-26-2015

I can't say anything else that dodeqqa didn't already put in a much better way than I could have. Your making tons of improvement, Yang-- keep it up!! :D

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - yangdaniel027 - 07-28-2015

Thanks Gabby :)

photostudy...trying to really pay attention to accuracy and detail

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - yangdaniel027 - 07-30-2015

master study..nearly 6 hours..trying to really take my time and examine everything..will probably spend most of today trying to finish this up

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - yangdaniel027 - 08-04-2015

rocks come in the strangest of forms

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - yangdaniel027 - 08-04-2015

one more

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - Zearthus - 08-04-2015

Keep it going buddy, by the way if you're not using pinterest, then explore it some more. Has chuck full of great landscape pictures, basically nature picturest.

Another good one is this one:

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - yangdaniel027 - 08-09-2015

Thanks Zearthus, I actually had EarthPorn bookmarked but completely forgot about it until you brought it up :D

So I've been hiding in my cave trying to get some portfolio pieces.

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - yangdaniel027 - 08-19-2015

It's been a while since I've posted here. Life's just been really busy, and somewhat frustrating. I've been trying to crank out some portfolio pieces, but every time I start working on one, I find something new that I need to practice on. Plus just haven't really been happy with my work output lately. It feels like I've hit some sort of wall in terms of improving my art. I'm practicing and working on stuff but it's not seeming to come together. It's quite frustrating...

anyways new piece

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - yangdaniel027 - 08-25-2015

gotta try to level up

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - CoreyH - 08-27-2015

I can see improvement for sure. If you want to see quick progress id probably try focusing on individual things to improve maybe? Like just focus on anatomy for a month, or composition etc. Instead of spreading yourself too thin.

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - Bookend - 08-27-2015

Beautiful colours, progress, and pieces. CoreyH gave some good advice-- It's great to concentrate on specific goals. I'm learning the benefits of this right now. But, keep at it! Grin Thumbs_up

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - dodeqaa - 08-31-2015

Good progress Daniel, keep truckin!