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RE: Yang's Sketchbook - yangdaniel027 - 10-09-2015

more studies

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - yangdaniel027 - 10-09-2015

putting all those studies to work

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - yangdaniel027 - 10-12-2015

entering beyond

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - ramalooke - 10-13-2015

Hey man. I can see you're doing pretty good work here. Those studies are sure paying off just keep at it!

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - yangdaniel027 - 10-14-2015

Thanks ramalooke :)

So I switched from using the CMYK color slider to the HSB slider and man has it helped out so much especially when it comes to saturation and warm/cool color relationships.

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - yangdaniel027 - 10-16-2015

portrait study :)

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - yangdaniel027 - 10-21-2015

just trying to pump out more work

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - dodeqaa - 10-21-2015

Woop! Those studies are coming along real nice Daniel!

Keep pushing!

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - ZombieChinchilla - 10-21-2015

Nice studies so far! The skin colors in the last portrait look a little grey and muddy. Try using more purples and pink to pump some life in. Keep going!

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - yangdaniel027 - 10-23-2015

thanks guys, I'll definitely watch the colors Zombie, I'm still working on getting skin tones correct.

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - yangdaniel027 - 10-28-2015

more work

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - dodeqaa - 10-30-2015

Keeping up the productivity eh :) Good job with that!

I feel the skin colour is too warm for the cold light source in the last piece.

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - yangdaniel027 - 11-03-2015

Yeah, I was really struggling with how to do the skin because when I went with a cooler light, it just wasn't working. It probably would have helped if I had some reference or something.

Anyways, I've been so busy that I haven't had time to work on anything, so here's a small portrait study.

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - yangdaniel027 - 11-04-2015

hands and feet

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - yangdaniel027 - 11-08-2015

needed to work on just need to figure out how to paint it

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - yangdaniel027 - 11-29-2015

Haven't posted in here for a while, it's been quite stressful and busy for me.

anyways, here's something new

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - yangdaniel027 - 12-03-2015

Hmm.........there's something wrong with my paintings but I just can't put a finger on's like they lack punch...there's just something uninteresting about them....

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - Bookend - 12-04-2015

Hey man-- Great studies, and your own personal work seems to have a really strong sense of composition-- Way to go!

Since you mentioned that you feel that you're missing something in your paintings, I'm thinking maybe experimenting with texture brushes might do the trick? Maybe look to create or find granite/stone texture brushes and see where that takes you, to give your work more definition.

Look at regular mountains, too! Not all mountains will be pure white. There's dirt, and stones sticking out, and ice, and jaggedness. If you compare different mountains, and look at cliffs, and stones, and a variety of things to compare it with, you may be inspired, and may be able to take it one step further.

Here's some search terms I used:


Hope that helps!

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - yangdaniel027 - 12-11-2015

Thanks Bookend :)

The hands on this one still bother me and I decided to stop fidgeting with it

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - Bookend - 12-11-2015

Thanks for sketchbook visit!

Nice figure, man. Might need some highlights, I dunno. Grin Hands actually look pretty good, but looks as if the composition needs 'sharpening' if that makes sense.

Hope that helps-- Don't listen to me if it doesn't, haha. Grin

Keep up the great work! Thumbs_up