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RE: Yang's Sketchbook - yangdaniel027 - 09-15-2016

Progress, should be able to finish this by tomorrow

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - yangdaniel027 - 09-17-2016

I tried to warn him not to touch the furnace...

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - yangdaniel027 - 09-22-2016

Studies plus next thing I'm working on

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - yangdaniel027 - 09-23-2016

Pushed all day to try to get it done

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - Ice Rider - 09-23-2016

Good job with the last one, clearly visible progress in just one day ;) Waves look very realistic, head is nice also(maybe too small ear?), sleeve looks a bit flat to me. Did you use any reference on this?

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - yangdaniel027 - 09-27-2016

Thanks for dropping by Ice :) most of the reference I used was looking at crashing waves, waves in storms, etc. There was also a bit of looking at facial expressions too, but I ended up doing the expressions myself and trying to visualize from that.

Next thing I'm working on. Constantly reminded of how mindful I need to be when painting, and how easy it can be to drift into an auto-pilot mode where you're not actually thinking. Are the values of colors correct? What about its saturation? How about lighting? Contrast? So much stuff to constantly be thinking about...

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - yangdaniel027 - 10-04-2016

Finished on Friday but haven't had time to post this up

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - Prabu - 10-04-2016

Damn, it looks amazing :D
maybe add few dots in the air?
You know how in sunlight tiny bugs & dust kinda shine

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - yangdaniel027 - 10-05-2016

Oh you're right! That would totally add more to the piece, thanks Prabu :)

Just a study, and then the next piece I'm working on.

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - Fedodika - 10-05-2016

good use of light and structure Yang, I think it wouldn't hurt to look into texturing things more, like some of those trees in the last one could have some interesting bark or implied texture, same with the moss;

Your line drawings are pretty good too :)

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - yangdaniel027 - 10-11-2016

Thanks I'll keep that in mind:)

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - Slapper - 10-13-2016

Hey, loving the sketchbook so far, keep at it! One thing I've notice with your most recent painting is that there is no clear focal point. Seem to me that it should be the face but it's somewhat in the shadow so hidden. Take this crit with a grain of salt since I'm pretty noob.

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - yangdaniel027 - 10-27-2016

Haven't posted in a while

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - Artloader - 10-30-2016

Man your lighting is really coming together! I love that dappled lighting in post #172.

Keep it going dude!

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - yangdaniel027 - 11-27-2016

Can't believe it's been so long since I've posted here. Here some completed works. Hope you all have been well! :)

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - Markus Creation - 12-09-2016

your latest pieces look really good! How much of those is imagination? Did you come up with all of it or had you other pictures or photos as main inspiration for the whole compositions?

I would like to try a completely selfmade composition and try to make it into a finished (hopefully) good-looking finished piece, too. But I dont really know how to go about it. Could you give advice on that? A little bit step-by-step-like?

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - DQ_Nick - 12-09-2016

It's great to see you back dude!! I would love to see some process shots of your latest pieces, freaking cool atmosphere and lighting

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - yangdaniel027 - 12-31-2017

Okay, it's been incredibly long since I've posted here. Life has been busy and I've been only working on art part-time. I'm hoping posting back on here will help me be a bit more dedicated again and make time. I'm trying to rebuild my portfolio but am never happy with the finished results so ehh....

The first one was done a couple of months back, and the other just finished this morning. I'm too tired of looking at it now but critiques are still welcome :)

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - Artloader - 01-02-2018

Hey I was wondering what had happened to you mate!  Welcome back!

Life gets busy don't it?

Well Happy New Year to you dude and I hope you find a little time for art this year.

Nice pieces there.  One comment I would make is that the anatomy on the minor characters are slightly off - if it was me I would have grabbed a few more anatomy references and used them for those guys.  The main purple dude looks good to me though :).

RE: Yang's Sketchbook - yangdaniel027 - 01-05-2018

Thanks Artloader, yeah you can really lose track of time.

So I was spending some time looking at my old posts and realized there was a common flaw with all of them. The worse thing about it was that it was actually pointed out to me by a couple of different users, but I completely misinterpreted what they were saying for something else (holy shit I must be dense). I look at my latest pieces and they suffer from the same problem....

It's actually mind-boggling to me that it took me two years to realize this, even after people SPECIFICALLY pointed it out to me. I guess some people are just slow like that (me) lol.

Anyways, the flaw was that I never had deep saturated shadows and dark areas. In fact they were the exact opposite, dull and grey. This meant my color temperatures were always messed up because my lights were also generally desaturated.'s pervasive in almost every single work of mine celebrate me learning something new, here's a 4-5 hour study that I'm too lazy to finish and then a 1-2 hour one that I couldn't find the reference for again so yeah..