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Sketchbook - Nick C. - 10-16-2015

So i guess my thread got deleted, so i created a new one this time whit scaled down images :D

RE: Sketchbook - Nick C. - 10-16-2015

somethin weird

RE: Sketchbook - ZombieChinchilla - 10-16-2015

Cool stuff, I especially like your Elizabeth painting (Bioshock is <3). Keep 'em coming!

RE: Sketchbook - Nick C. - 10-16-2015

Thx bro, i also did a zachary comstock fan art thing but i didnt really like the way it got out

RE: Sketchbook - Nick C. - 10-21-2015

so i suck at drawing females so i tryed drawing scarlet Yohan's son and o well turned out perty bad
and some other stuff a bit older  from da hard drive

RE: Sketchbook - Nick C. - 10-21-2015

oh yeah and dis, was a late night thing, guess i was trying to see what i remembered about muscles

RE: Sketchbook - Nick C. - 10-22-2015

another atempt, this one is from imagination and may have ruined the eyes a bit

RE: Sketchbook - Nick C. - 10-23-2015

a self port. of some sorts

RE: Sketchbook - Nick C. - 10-28-2015

some doodles idk

RE: Sketchbook - Nick C. - 10-29-2015


RE: Sketchbook - Nick C. - 10-31-2015

Some studies from earlier this year xd, also have 2 vids somewhere of them never got around to post them though  


RE: Sketchbook - Nick C. - 11-04-2015

copying some sketches from a charls bargue book i got from a friend

RE: Sketchbook - Nick C. - 11-06-2015

todays studies, i suck photo studies xd and the image is from mj ranum sock

RE: Sketchbook - Nick C. - 11-09-2015

another one bites the dust :D

RE: Sketchbook - Nick C. - 11-10-2015

study of red forman xd

RE: Sketchbook - Dennis Kutsenko - 11-21-2015

Hey, these are lookin better an better with each post. Them still life studies lookin good. Just make sure these studies are directed/focused towards understanding a certain concept, though.

RE: Sketchbook - Nick C. - 11-21-2015

hey thanks, well i did most of these because i wanted to be better at rendering/color stuff that was my main goal, now i havent really painted anything in 2 weeks kinda lost my art mojo

RE: Sketchbook - Nick C. - 12-26-2015

made this, was thinking of peanuts -_-

RE: Sketchbook - Nick C. - 12-28-2015

a study i started a while ago, tought id take the time to finish it :D

RE: Sketchbook - Bookend - 12-30-2015

Really nice work! Your accuracy has really, really improved-- So has your values!

Now you just need to do some personal work to apply these concepts from your studies. Do some memory studies. Keep pushing the envelope!