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Sketchyrain's book - sketchyrain - 05-12-2016

Hey I'm new :D

My main goal/dream is to be able to draw and paint from imagination. I'd like to improve my skills and hopefully joining this forum will help keep me motivated...maybe...*hums and wanders off distracted* Oh. Right. Back to this. Currently I'm doing random studies as much as possible, working from books, master paintings, and photos. My weak areas include anatomy, colour, perspective, composition, uhh so basically everything? Hahaha. But oh well that's why I need to practice more!

This is a mix of everything - old illustrations, art done without references, and studies.[Image: QWhYrji.jpg]

[Image: bTotlgk.jpg][Image: YBfNhn5.jpg]
[Image: Y580dS5.jpg]
[Image: UuWEp6z.png][Image: fB8Bj7J.jpg]
[Image: vvZ9bpo.jpg]
[Image: klHfGFa.jpg]
[Image: v6PMX4b.png]

RE: Sketchyrain's book - John - 05-12-2016

Welcome to the Crimson Daggers! Like you, I love me some cast drawings! Here's to seeing your work around often!