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RE: Flo's sketchbook - Flo - 11-26-2015

hey guys,

here are all the crests next to each other with their silhouettes showing.

I hope we can hold the deadline with this project, gonna be tight!

RE: Flo's sketchbook - Flo - 12-02-2015

Hey guys,

some late inktober sketches and some gestures as well new concepts for the game. I first did the map then started concepting the plants. Was a blast!

[Image: DoRTZmU.jpg]
[Image: XW8EmsK.jpg]
[Image: baMXhKb.jpg]
[Image: blBaUSX.jpg]
[Image: QIpGrL8.jpg]
[Image: y9Pa4RA.jpg]
[Image: vwU6lIK.jpg]
[Image: REBe4Qw.jpg]
[Image: ySONEUB.jpg]
[Image: u4mwRim.jpg]
[Image: VYFDKjZ.jpg]
[Image: yvNar2R.jpg]
[Image: 7o17qie.jpg]

RE: Flo's sketchbook - dodeqaa - 12-03-2015

Liking the concept work and digging the improvement! Keep truckin!

RE: Flo's sketchbook - Flo - 12-05-2015

dodeqaa: thanks man, I will!

I really really can't stand sucking so much at gesture, so I finally decided to turn to somebody to help me learn it. I am working through Proko's premium content on basics of figure drawing. After watching a video and sketching alongside his demonstrations, I think I am understanding it slowly. I did some more on my own. Check out this website for reference pictures:

[Image: 3cPbsC1.jpg]
[Image: x2eNe3o.jpg]
[Image: QKiDvDs.jpg]
[Image: yDYMqJm.jpg]
[Image: QtsPZYa.jpg]
[Image: MLvjhh5.jpg]

RE: Flo's sketchbook - Flo - 12-07-2015

new week, new studies, started with some gestures and did a still-life over the weekend (2h)

RE: Flo's sketchbook - Flo - 12-09-2015

gestures and water-colors

RE: Flo's sketchbook - Flo - 12-10-2015


RE: Flo's sketchbook - Flo - 12-10-2015

gestures and a value study that I am not happy with

edit: i added the ref for comparison

RE: Flo's sketchbook - seppoday - 12-10-2015

Hello, nice gestures. About last lady, you probably knew that proportions are little bit off :) but in my opinion beside that major problem is form and values (+soft, hard edges). let me explain that by image:

[Image: 228.jpg]

Left ball: Your flat painting
Right ball: Reference ball* :P
And quick paintover on bottom (2 minutes  ?) thats why it looks little bit like silk, sry for that :P

I ve spend on it like 5-10 minutes (whole "tutorial" :D). Can be way more accurate. So major problem is that ur form is flat. You need to know basics and it is frustrating i know. But you need to think and knew that there is terminator, reflected light, core shadow etc. I am not great in art, but i want to help. Try reading James Gurney Light and color its great book

And remember where u use hard and where soft edge and how form reflect light ( metal is different than paper etc )! :)

RE: Flo's sketchbook - Flo - 12-14-2015

hey seppo,

thanks for the post, I wrote you a pm about that broken image-link.

gestures and I worked more on the lady

RE: Flo's sketchbook - AlCo - 12-14-2015

Keep those gestures drawing coming (I'm tackling it right now too!)

Other than that, killer sketchbook, I love those plants studies, they have that kind of dynamic sketching I'm trying to achieve (Norm Schureman/Peter Han style).

Would love to see some still life with rendered metal ;)

RE: Flo's sketchbook - Flo - 12-16-2015

AlCo thanks man, that still life has to wait atm, but I will do it :)
painting a texture for the game. really relaxing exercise

RE: Flo's sketchbook - Flo - 12-17-2015

going back to square one, I really didn't get some of the basics.

RE: Flo's sketchbook - Flo - 12-19-2015

studies and watercolors. The gifts for christmas are finished :)

[Image: 59Te8k7.jpg]
[Image: OEEaNbQ.jpg]
[Image: YIRsPS1.jpg]
[Image: lSQG133.jpg]
[Image: iFwE8EJ.jpg]
[Image: yV5B2I0.jpg]

RE: Flo's sketchbook - meat - 01-02-2016

Really love your concepts, and also you did what I wanted to but didn't do! Watercolor paintings for Christmas gifts! Hats off to you.

RE: Flo's sketchbook - Flo - 01-13-2016

@Meat: thanks man, the people liked the paintings. I checked your sb, it is really nice. you seem to have taken a lot from that workshop

I spend 2 weeks with my parents over the holidays. It was good to see them for such a long time.

When I visited Freiburg I went to the Augustiner Museum and saw, for the first time, paintings by Franz Xaver Winterhalter. From one of them I did a study, it took 3,5 h. There was a person, who gave us instructions and she helped me in the beginning stages of the drawing to lay out the grid and get the proportions right. Usually I don't spend enough time in those critical measurements and jump right to the values. So this time, forcing me to get it right in the beginning was challanging but I learned a lot.

Also a random value study from imagination.

RE: Flo's sketchbook - Flo - 01-19-2016

hey guys,

I finally took the time to upload aaaaall the sketchbook and water color stuff I did over the last couple of weeks

some digital studies are also in here and the first assignment for the Daarken Mentorship I am currently taking

enjoy and deliver some mean crits

[Image: Y3yGXZE.jpg]
[Image: Jasjnsr.jpg]
[Image: RciisXa.jpg][Image: 7iwKdAU.jpg][Image: B1wOGIT.jpg][Image: uVi7Git.jpg][Image: 2ef0wCv.jpg][Image: 5h0hSqw.jpg][Image: insddV2.jpg][Image: 4ng3zZW.jpg][Image: 49DUDlR.jpg][Image: y6edB2M.jpg][Image: 1K6nnMg.jpg][Image: s54YWmH.jpg][Image: nlC649y.jpg][Image: hw94FI8.jpg][Image: dbvPHIb.jpg][Image: UPwtu6Z.jpg]
[Image: TDAGBZ8.jpg][Image: DYGMXcH.jpg][Image: qqGmXrZ.jpg][Image: i3xm8bK.jpg][Image: 5Yc7oFO.jpg][Image: TZgpZPF.jpg][Image: esshMT7.jpg][Image: OonE2oQ.jpg][Image: aT2R4iE.jpg][Image: 3AxMUHI.jpg][Image: oY17zNE.jpg][Image: bemSWtq.jpg][Image: kDZIm5L.jpg][Image: 9aXCyzL.jpg][Image: Ly3jq0y.jpg][Image: u8juxvZ.jpg][Image: Rg3uZgU.jpg][Image: aH5myhV.jpg][Image: ZI4j5Wv.jpg][Image: g6IEAXn.jpg][Image: mnkQ39Q.jpg][Image: RJHxS6a.jpg][Image: YbAc8g1.jpg][Image: edjkJob.jpg][Image: QSrH02Z.jpg][Image: CEqZcMc.jpg][Image: Yv8P5hF.jpg][Image: Fn2nG1Y.jpg][Image: QMQAbr2.jpg][Image: j2DCHmW.jpg][Image: 8h7JZWD.jpg][Image: iDLRiy3.jpg][Image: iscEh20.jpg]

RE: Flo's sketchbook - Mechanizoid - 01-20-2016

Hey Flo, glad to see you here! :) Your stuff looks good as always. Uuuuuh, so many studies, now I need to work harder lol. I'll be watching you here now too. Keep up the good work man!

RE: Flo's sketchbook - Flo - 01-20-2016

A-star: thanks man, glad you like it.

yesterdays sketch while waiting for my infant girl waking up

RE: Flo's sketchbook - Flo - 01-21-2016

concept sketch for fun