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RE: Flo's sketchbook - Flo - 10-02-2012

yes the whole hudson river school brought forth some really great artists. pretty interesting article by awesome artist chris oatley:
about the hrs.

some bridgman, lifedrawings and something for fun


RE: Flo's sketchbook - Flo - 10-05-2012

mo' bridgman and a tree-concept i am working on for a gameproject
crits and comments are welcome as usual


RE: Flo's sketchbook - Nemome - 10-05-2012

Hey Flo!

Your digitals are looking soooo much better then your pencil stuff.
One thing is that your lines are lacking some kind of flow and different thickness.
Try to do some variations in your lines.
Try cross hatching and stuff like that to make it look more interesting :)

Keep going!
And by the way: Cool noch jemand deutsches hier zu sehen ;)

RE: Flo's sketchbook - Flo - 10-05-2012

hey nemome,

thanks for the critic, i will do some more lineweight and shading in the future.

gibt noch ein paar andere deutsche hier, wirste mit der zeit kennen lernen :)


RE: Flo's sketchbook - Flo - 10-05-2012

stone study i did over 2 days, approx. 5 - 6 h went into this.

i try to do sickbrush's appointements, so here is the first batch of sketches: caucasian


RE: Flo's sketchbook - iCi - 10-06-2012

Nice to see you are studying Bridgman, way to go! Be more careful and patient with the actual placement of the features, don't neglect those. Its a bummer you won't be able to be in the f4 :(

RE: Flo's sketchbook - Flo - 10-08-2012

hey ici,

that is actually a huge problem for me, to be patient. I see that i have 200 pages to go, and i feel like, if i spend too much time on one illustration, i will never make it through the book.

RE: Flo's sketchbook - Flo - 10-08-2012

some asian face sketches
what I learned: asian faces don't show that much upper eye lid, the nose is not as pointy but much more flat, the eyes are more almond-shaped and they have something about the mouth and ears, i can't quite point out. maybe it will come later ^^

more to come

edit: next patch
edit: the environment study, done only with lasso, marquee and gradient-tool


RE: Flo's sketchbook - CKL - 10-09-2012

Great facial studies on that last post! Your overall porportions are fairly accurate, but you might want to compare the width and height to each other, sometimes the heads get a bit square, and lack a little bit of brain pan in the back. Just keep pushing them out though. Your overall studies are coming together pretty damn well.

RE: Flo's sketchbook - Flo - 10-09-2012

more faces and the final environment study for sickbrush's mentor-stream

thanks for the input corey!


some comps that maybe go somewhere
a dude walking over the ridge of a snowy mountainside, with a mysterious structure in the back
a dude walking onto a alien looking weirded out (thanks to photo-cropping, this one is almost done ;)
a birthplace for lava-golems

not sure if I can pull either one of them of, but we ll see.


crits and comments are more than welcome!


RE: Flo's sketchbook - Flo - 10-11-2012

hey everybody,

i revisited 2 old pieces today.

the first one is the shaman of a tribe of a small people that live in the central park of new york. they raid the trashbins and steal from the hotdog carts. i finally took some time and tried myself on the linework of the shaman.


the second is an old environment showing a snowy mountain range.


crits and comments are welcome as always.


RE: Flo's sketchbook - BATE - 10-11-2012

Nice Shaman bro!Its a bit confusing wheres start of the organic armor and where the muscles.Know what i mean? But still really nice,good job bro!

RE: Flo's sketchbook - Flo - 10-12-2012

hey everybody,

i worked some more on the environment and some material-balls.

if you can correctly guess, which is what kind of environment, i made a good job.

the reddish one is not finished.


RE: Flo's sketchbook - DavidFisher - 10-12-2012

Hey good job on the linework for the shaman looks good keep doing what your doing

RE: Flo's sketchbook - Flo - 10-12-2012

hey guys,

i worked a little more on the material-spheres. somehow i can't get the hang of developing the right skin-tone. will have to study that more.

also that i did this:

with that:

and this is the result:

it is a lot of fun, and i recommend it to you guys, but maybe first read this about composition:

@david: thanks a lot :)


RE: Flo's sketchbook - Flo - 10-16-2012

more sketches

RE: Flo's sketchbook - M-rahsart - 10-16-2012

The study spheres are really good. The wood one speaks to me.. Wonderful on the sketchbook by the way.

RE: Flo's sketchbook - Warburton - 10-17-2012

Some sweet stuff here recently dude, that creature/character ant bug thing at the top is really cool.
The face studies are coming along nicely, i think iCi had some prity good advice too. Just try to remember that in some cases a couple of well constructed studies are more effective than 200 rushed ones. Also try checking out Micheal Hamptons face anatomy, it might help with your forms and construction. <----incase you don't have it already

RE: Flo's sketchbook - ramalooke - 10-17-2012

Impressive volume of work. And those creature thumbnails are sweet <3

RE: Flo's sketchbook - Jonesoda - 10-17-2012

Man I love that line work on the shaman dude, I like what you did with the creature thumbnails too, Look's like something I want to try out sometime. Keep at it Man