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Sketchdump - AArscott - 07-09-2016

Hi there crimson daggers! I've been on my own drawing for about two years now and I've never held a consistent spot to post my stuff, so i figured that this will now be that place. I was lured here by the sweet smell of CC5 but I'll try to post sketchdumps here weekly so enjoy your stay and don't be shy now! 
C&C welcome :^)

RE: Sketchdump - Artloader - 07-09-2016

Hey welcome to The Crimson Daggers AArscott!

You've got some nice studies there and it's awesome that you've signed up for CC5!

Keep posting, looking forward to seeing more from you :).

RE: Sketchdump - AArscott - 07-15-2016

A lil 3 hour study of a landscape by Zhaoming wu in order to understand the damn things for CC5 and some random digi doodles in my hard drive, more to come lads!

RE: Sketchdump - AArscott - 08-09-2016

oi lads! more stuff! gonna be posting much more but for now here are a few value exercises and misc sketches

RE: Sketchdump - AArscott - 08-09-2016

oops! forgot to post this stuff last night!

RE: Sketchdump - AArscott - 10-14-2016

work i've had on the backburner but have yet to post, warmups and a few finished stuff.

RE: Sketchdump - Hozure - 10-14-2016

Nice to see a variety of subjects. Keep an eye out on the direction of the strokes you use to shade-- having them follow the form's surface brings a lot of dimension to an otherwise scribbly figure.