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Slappery's SB - Slapper - 10-03-2016

Hey, it's a me slappery. Just studying to become a freelance illustrator or maybe concept artist since I don't know much yet about that last part. Meant to start a sketchbook sooner but it didn't quite happen so here it is. 

Here is an image I've been working on for the past week or so. I've put it on the back burner for a bit since I need to rework a lot of elements in it and was getting bored with it.

RE: Slappery's SB - Slapper - 10-04-2016

An alien this time, tried to inspire myself from Garrus of mass effect. Let myself go and went full details on the head.

RE: Slappery's SB - Piotr Jasielski - 10-04-2016

Hey! I think it would be easier if you used a white canvas and use multiply on the whole sketch instead of painting small portions of it.

RE: Slappery's SB - Artloader - 10-05-2016

Hey Slapper - nice start to your sketchbook :).

I like the monster design and the spiky mountains in the background remind me of Godzilla's spikes!

Keep it going!

RE: Slappery's SB - yangdaniel027 - 10-05-2016

Don't fall into the trap going into details too early on. My suggestion would be to use the largest brush possible to block in your colors/values. Use the largest brush until you really feel like can't add anymore to it. Then size down just slightly and go back in to make corrections. Then size down again, rinse, wash and repeat.

RE: Slappery's SB - Slapper - 10-08-2016

@Piotr Jasielski 

The only problem I have with linework is that you end up having to do so much retouching where they're when you remove them. But thank for the tip!


Thanks man, didn't really think about Godzilla when doing those but now that you mention it ...


Yah, that makes a lot of sense. Need to reduce the time I spend on those paintings hehe.

Here are some concepts for a painting I want to do, it's an alien with his hunting dog or whatever that is. Had more iterations but they were on traditional media and I don't feel like scanning right now so... 
Now that I look at it again, I'm going to change a lot about the painting since I think it does't read too much and isn't dynamic enough.

RE: Slappery's SB - Slapper - 10-13-2016

Here are some composition for a personal piece and today's worth of anatomy studies.

RE: Slappery's SB - Slapper - 02-02-2017

Purple monster!

RE: Slappery's SB - Slapper - 03-08-2017

Here's an update. Will try to do more studies from now on  and put the project more on the side.

RE: Slappery's SB - Slapper - 03-09-2017

A portrait from imagination I did to test out a soft brush and the usual anatomy studies!


RE: Slappery's SB - Slapper - 03-10-2017

@Mariyan-Hristov Thx man, just started doing more studies and it's going well.

More studies!

RE: Slappery's SB - Mechanizoid - 03-11-2017

I'm gonna slappery you 'round if you don't keep up with your studies. :D Srsly man, you are off to a nice start, keep going! I suggest doing some gesture drawings as well (focusing on flow, not forms) so as not to end up with stiff figures. Proko has some good vids on this, here's [one](

RE: Slappery's SB - Slapper - 03-11-2017

@Mechanizoid I used to find it super hard to not just doodle around but now it's a loooootttt better with the pomodoro technique and CrackedSkull's guide on productivity. Pushing on 5 hours of studies a day. For the gestures drawings, I practiced them in the past then gave up but looking to get back into it!

Here is an update, spent a lot of time reading today and trying to comprehend the deltoid muscle. 

RE: Slappery's SB - Slapper - 03-12-2017

It's break time today but here's a painting i started yesterday.

RE: Slappery's SB - SerGeorgious - 03-12-2017

Hello there,

I like how you're working hard on studying your anatomy, but generally you might find it more helpful to focus more on the gesture and the whole body than on the specific details of the anatomy while drawing.
As well as that working on the painting everywhere at the same time might help you a lot in the long run!

Keep on working hard and good job so far c:

RE: Slappery's SB - Hozure - 03-12-2017

Heyo. Might I suggest doing a larger, grayscale study of multiple elements in a scene or an environment. Ambient light may be something you'd be interested in to give your paintings a little more life, as they kind of resemble still lives to me at the moment due to that "vacuum" lighting (lack of light interaction).

RE: Slappery's SB - Jonesoda - 03-12-2017

Keep it up with the studies! would definitely print out or have the loomis figure drawing book open to the proportion pages for reference while working.

RE: Slappery's SB - Slapper - 03-14-2017


Thank you, I will continue ! I intend to do full body and gestures studies once I'm done learning the anatomy. I feel like you have to do all of those and I am not too sure in which order or if you should mix it up but it's easier for me to concentrate on one thing at a time. And indeed I need to stop focusing on certain parts of an image, it's a real problem for me with the faces especially!


I will try those for sure. Ambient lights seem interesting, will try something with the elven dude piece. Thank you for the insights!


I got the proportion chart and using it now. Super useful for studies and even more for personal projects. Thank for that!

Here are some studies for the day, I am almost done with the deltoid muscle.

RE: Slappery's SB - Slapper - 03-15-2017


RE: Slappery's SB - Slapper - 03-18-2017

Some studies... and some fix for the illustration I had.