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RE: Slappery's SB - Slapper - 03-19-2017

More studies? When does it end!?!?!

RE: Slappery's SB - darktiste - 06-30-2017

Learning never end but it will start one day or an other to be drive by what you want to improve or want to create.

The question you want to ask yourself is what do i want to improve in my drawing?

But First you need to learn some of the art vocabulary so that you can clearly ask for help on specific fundamental.

Here a video to help you if you want to learn more about fundamental

After more question you will probably have to be answered such as i am satisfied with my progress ? What do i want to learn next?

At the beggining it is really hard to figure out a proper way to answer those question because there so much to learn from.
Here is the most complete online resource if you want to learn more about what the thing you might want to next

And here is a list of subject you can study on

What is important at that point is to keep learning about how to approch a drawing and how to do studies.

The subject is unrelevant to a certain degree but you should consider to draw from life first.

I hope this was helpful