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Step by Step (a sketchbook) - nadikusmo - 01-02-2017

Hi! Um hopefully I'll be posting here every other day but for now I'll just post a link to my tumblr here and update as I go on.


Thank you for visiting ♥︎

RE: Step by Step (a sketchbook) - nadikusmo - 02-05-2017

LOL ofc I'd make a thread on January 1st and then finally post on.... February 4th.... wow im great : (

anyways! here's some stuff I did over the month of January (posted from oldest to more recent)

[Image: tumblr_oiwupocIpo1usqrr0o1_1280.png][Image: tumblr_ojdwiiOnsU1usqrr0o1_1280.png]
[Image: tumblr_ojtmxpftcL1usqrr0o1_1280.png][Image: tumblr_ojxys4IUGn1usqrr0o1_r1_1280.png][Image: tumblr_ok6k7dWZEU1usqrr0o1_1280.png]

......which is not that much but this February will be better hopefully

and here's one I've just done today!

[Image: tumblr_okuspiQA401usqrr0o1_1280.png]

I lied and said I could draw guys when I rarely ever draw them (before now)
so I started following this one instagram account that posts only photos of buff dudes and I've been using that as practice for the past two or three weeks and now I can slightly draw guys??? slightly
faking it till you make it works lol will keep drawing more guys from now on except I still prefer girls