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Starting fresh here - ChromeFlames - 06-06-2017


I have found this place by chance when a friend of mine introduced this place to me. I may be a beginner in this craft, lacking the fundamentals here and there but this friend of mine told me something alike someone else in my life told me: "Mix around with ducks, and you will remain a duck. Mix with the Eagles, and you will become an Eagle." And so, I took his advice; I brought myself here, wanting to learn from the eagles.

About me, I'm a 22 year old guy from Singapore, trying to get into uni. I took interest with art due to my interests in video games and Animated shows. To be honest, I'm unsure about what will unfurl next in life's path, with my current skills and achievements. And so, I aspire to improve. My art may be rusty now, but with everyone's help here, I really hope to emerge with as a greater artist with the backing and mentoring of all of you wonderful people.

I really hope y'all will be patient with me in my struggles here :D

Btw, other stuff: Its not just art I desire to improve: I'm pretty overweight now and trying to get in shape, and I noticed a sub forum for fitness related stuff :)

Maybe I truly found home, eh? :P

By the way, I have some stuff on Deviantart:
I hope that I can improve greatly from my recent works in my journey here. Love you all.

RE: Starting fresh here - dangelowallaceart - 06-06-2017

Welcome, thanks for joining. You've got some pretty neat perspective work on your DeviantArt page, can't wait to see your sketchbook once you start one here.

RE: Starting fresh here - ChromeFlames - 06-06-2017


Thank you for the warm welcome! Thanks for the compliment too. I plan to focus on anatomy and perspective studies while being here :)

Sketchbook staring soon haha. Currently working on something right now!

RE: Starting fresh here - Artloader - 06-06-2017

Greetings ChromeFlames, you have made it through the remote mountain pass and found this secret place known only as Crimson Daggers!


I am like you and have come here to rub shoulders with masters of the craft hoping that their awesomeness will extend onto to me too.

Here are a couple of links to masters that have illuminated my path greatly: (Great for building fundamentals - I was just ghosting lines as a warm up earlier this evening). (His accuracy guide is helping me improve hugely!)

Also, I encourage you to post up your fitness goals (I am still doing 10 press-ups every day).

Good luck!

RE: Starting fresh here - ChromeFlames - 06-06-2017

Thank you, Artloader! The tutorials you sent me... are truly amazing. I was skimming through the first lesson... and oh boy, Neo has taken the red pill...

RE: Starting fresh here - Orange Pekoe - 06-06-2017

Welcome here! :3

Looking forward to your work. Feel free to ask any questions or if you are struggling, just start a hangout when someone is free to start a voice chat.

Cheers mate.