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Some studies - RobJunior - 07-21-2017

These is some studies I made last mounth

[Image: nz4ca11qe6cw.jpg][Image: 4aaz574zafio.jpg][Image: yzbz9ba75vv1.jpg]

RE: Some studies - ubem - 07-25-2017

Looks great, if anything I'd say spend a little more time on the soft edges with a softer brush, especially in the hair and cloth of the statue. Keep up the great work

RE: Some studies - G.Cell - 07-25-2017

Nice stuff man keep it up! I like the way you put on those brush effects, and yeah maybe work more on softer brushes maybe on darker areas to emphasizes more on the subject and maybe make it pop it out but still great stuff.

RE: Some studies - RobJunior - 07-28-2017

Hey, guys! I just wanna thank you for all the feedback. I'm working on it! Btw, this is my studies of last week. Studies of skulls in tradicional drawing and 3D

[Image: r2e28u1xec5d.jpg][Image: qmc17c93bpdb.jpg][Image: chi3uo9kjg8g.jpg][Image: ap6uue8txkor.jpg]

RE: Some studies - Dreschler - 08-11-2017

Very nice man! Keep going!