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First Portfolio & Status Quo - miracoly - 09-10-2017

Hey hey beautiful people of the daggers,

Over the last month I worked hard on getting an „interim“ portfolio up. I want to start doing some small freelance on the side to just get my feet wet and generate some extra income. You can find my site here:


There a few small things which are missing like favicon, site description and stuff, but overall, this is what I got.

Since this marks a quite important point in my progression I’d also like to get some feedback on the overall impression of my work. What are my biggest weaknesses from your point of view? Maybe you can spot some general bad habits or tendencies.  I’m really happy about any sort of feedback.

And to all of you who are currently freelancing, I’d love to talk to you about the business side of things, I’m a real newbie at this so I’d really appreciate if someone could help me out a bit ?

So, thats it, I'm looking forward to some good input! Thanks!!

RE: First Portfolio & Status Quo - JyonnyNovice - 09-11-2017

looks really great, I'd hire you : )

Handsome devil you are too. I don't have any specific feedback about your current stuff! More finished and polished things if you want to hit the illustration market, also I know you are aiming for environment work but having an expressive character is really good to draw people in. Potential clients won't necessarily be knowledgeable about art, and a nice character could make them look twice. Maybe I'm chatting rubbish though, I don't know! Great work!