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Hello Again! - Rana_E - 10-29-2017

So I used to be a member a few years back and then well, life and things happened and I stopped being active. So, i decided it's about time I come back and get to work on those art skills. 

I think a quick re-introduction is in order, my name is Rana, I'm a 25 year old aspiring artist, I work as a graphic designer in a big name ad agency, which is fun, but art has always been my passion and I'm pretty sure being a better artist will make a better designer out of me, so here I am :)

I'm gonna start a sketchbook soon and everything. Hope you guys are all doing great.

RE: Hello Again! - John - 10-30-2017

Hears to hoping you didn't stop drawing after you stopped posting!

RE: Hello Again! - Artloader - 10-30-2017

Welcome back Rana, it's cool that you didn't let your passion die, good luck with it this time around :).