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Hello - Lillendandie - 02-10-2019

Hello everyone,

I decided to join a few groups to help me accomplish my art goals. This year I really want to put together a good portfolio. I've spent the last two years studying value, faces, and landscapes. I love dark fantasy art and the female form.

[Image: ZmI24ti.jpg]
Digital Inks

[Image: QBvI66X.png]
Portrait Study

[Image: rj9SbJ6.png]
Portrait Study

[Image: bNMmlD0.jpg]
Landscape from reference

[Image: kw74dQ3.jpg]

[Image: RMPsaTN.jpg]
Figure Drawing

I look forward to seeing your art and sharing feedback.

RE: Hello - xelfereht - 02-10-2019

Off to a good start!
reach out if you need some help with anything

RE: Hello - slash razor - 02-11-2019

welcome... great stuff

RE: Hello - Lillendandie - 02-15-2019

(02-10-2019, 09:53 PM)xelfereht Wrote: .

(02-11-2019, 06:43 PM)slash razor Wrote: .

Thank you both ♥

RE: Hello - Artloader - 02-20-2019

Cool works Lillendandie :) nice value studies!

Welcome and good luck with your art adventure :).

RE: Hello - roanna - 02-20-2019

Hi there !
I’m so into your second portrait study (third picture from above)! Nice nice nice! Keep pushing forward! <3 (╹◡╹)