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Greetings - Aman007 - 03-20-2019

I'm 23 year old (and lost). I'm trying to become more consistent about art, I think maybe an online presence, a community to be in will give me a bit of a push forward. I never was really serious about art , altough it often was present in my life and I had an affinity to it. I started learning around 2015 ,but ever since then I had big hiatuses , and learned more about how challenging this profession is . Originally I had goals and dreams, but at this point, I just want to be in it for the ride and enjoy doing it...who knows maybe I will get somewhere with it , but for now I just want to get better and better and find a way to enjoy doing it more.
 For me this is more about building discipline and improving my life.
I hope we will have a good time getting gud :tm: together. 

For a starter here's my latest, and also my first work done with a tablet... I used to paint with a mouse up until this january.
[Image: voidman-the-damn-snow.jpg?1549736391]

RE: Greetings - darktiste - 03-20-2019

Hi there and welcome, yes art can feel like a discipline but with a good balance of personal project and study you can actually enjoy the progression.

RE: Greetings - Artloader - 03-20-2019

Yep, welcome to Crimson Daggers Aman007 :).

Enjoying the ride is a good a goal as any in my book :).

Good luck with your journey :).