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Suggestions please - KrissHolder - 04-25-2019

Well, anything actually, sketch, or draw, anything. I don't wanna go all professional into it, but maybe good enough to draw some attention (no pun intended), or impress a few and to have a new hobby. I joined this group because I know a lot of members here have a great talent in art. You guys are professional. I don't have the skill or talent yet, but I am willing to learn. Is there a way I can learn without spending much? I think it's always a need to have a hobby which uses the creative side of a person. Sorry for  my english, it is not my first language. Thank you.

RE: Suggestions please - DK - 04-26-2019

You can learn the entire art just by having an internet connection, no money required otherwise. There are countless outlets and resources scattered everywhere, the whole of the web is at your disposal. All you really need is the desire and determination.

RE: Suggestions please - darktiste - 04-26-2019