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Comics hobbyist here - Leo Ki - 09-27-2019

Hello fine forum people, I haven't touched a pencil in a decade but it looks like now is the time for me to get into it again, hopefully with a valuable hindsight. I tend to revolve around a few fantasy and science-fiction stories that have been growing in my head for two decades, which I used to express as comics, occasionally as illustrations or bits of novels. I will start a sketchbook, and I spotted two groups dedicated to comics. Talk to you soon!

RE: Comics hobbyist here - Artloader - 12-02-2019

Welcome Leo Ki, good to have another comics hobbyist aboard, I am trying to follow a similar path but doing it snail style.

Good look with your journey - may it bring you joy and fulfillment!

RE: Comics hobbyist here - Leo Ki - 12-02-2019

Thank you Artloader!
I posted a few drafts for comic pages and scrolls in my sketchbook during the last two months (some of them from my archives).
Will you post some of your recent ones? I enjoy discussing layouts and composition as a channel for storytelling.

RE: Comics hobbyist here - Artloader - 12-04-2019

No worries dude.

Cool, I will check out your SB - I would post some of my recent ones but I haven't done any - I'm one of those guys that talks about making comics but doesn't get around to making any! If that changes I will post :). But I love chatting comics so look out for random comics chat!