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Finally saying Hi - Dannood - 02-18-2020

I only recently heard about this forum after desperately trying to find a beginner friendly Art Forum out there. Not gonna lie, it was kind of intimidating since the people seem to be incredibly talented but I also really want to give it a shot and really really want to learn all I can. 
I’m a super novice, and have only really learned gotten a somewhat stable grasp of anatomy and the basics of perspective. Despite that I astronomically want to be a professional artist in the industry. Working the cool jobs and so on and such. I could go on, but it’s crazy and I know it’s stupidly hard. I’m happy to be here though. So hi

RE: Finally saying Hi - Artloader - 02-18-2020

Hey there Dannood, welcome to Crimson Daggers :).

Come in and have a browse around - hopefully you will get a feel for how to train your skills from the chit-chat that goes on in here.

Personally I tend to advise people to start of with for drawing fundamentals and Proko if they're looking to learn anatomy.

Looking forward to sharing in your art journey :).