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Hello daggers! - gerbenpasjes - 02-03-2021

Hey everyone! 

I've been posting around for a little while now but I'm really excited to be here! 

A little introduction: I'm a concept artist from the Netherlands, doing this for... about 5 years professionally now. Shipped a game I'm really proud of (Deliver Us The Moon), and some more that I'm less proud of haha. 

I'm 27 now, have a nice job, a good place to live, but I feel like I'm heading towards an artistic dead-zone. I missed out on forming a close artist friend-group (all my friends are programmers or game designers basically), and the contemporary social media landscape is just not fulfilling that wish for more in-depth, thought-provoking critique, feedback, and encouragement. 

Crimson Daggers seems like the place to be. Looking forward to meeting all of you!

RE: Hello daggers! - Jana - 02-03-2021

Hi, I just wanted to say that it is so cool that you worked on Deliver Us The Moon. I just started playing that game a few days ago and I´m a fan :) What a great coincedence. I really look forward to seeing your art.

RE: Hello daggers! - Artloader - 02-03-2021

Hey gerbenpasjes - I've seen you've already been wonderfully helpful around here - great to have you aboard dude!

Hopefully we can provide good art companionship for you on here :).

RE: Hello daggers! - gerbenpasjes - 02-04-2021

@jana Thanks so much! Greetings and thanks from the dev team :)

@artloader Thanks! So far I've been having a blast.