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Good morning - madesc - 02-22-2021

Hello everyone,
I'm madesc
I am a student, motion graphics artist, illustrator, loves concept artist... all rounder... basically about to graduate.
I have been touring forums and well might as well contribute.

Hope everyone is staying safe given this dire weather and happy to see everyone's work honestly.
I've missed the community in art online, even with discord with those that haven't found a sweet spot, something still feels missing.
Hopefully I update once a week. Thumbs_up

RE: Good morning - Zorrentos - 02-22-2021

Welcome to the forums! I hope you will enjoy your stay! Make sure to create a sketchbook to track your art progress!  Thumbs_up

RE: Good morning - madesc - 02-22-2021

Thank you! Will do!

RE: Good morning - JosephCow - 02-22-2021

Hello. I feel like Discord doesn't work as well as the old school forum for this kind of thing. Everything is so impermanent on discord, there's very little in depth discussion, and when there is it's confusing to read

RE: Good morning - madesc - 02-22-2021

Very true, it does help to offer tons features to groups of people that are already established but meeting new people and forming genuine connection can be difficult.

RE: Good morning - Artloader - 02-22-2021

Hey Madesc - welcome to Crimson Daggers!

Hopefully you will find the art community on here both enjoyable and useful.

Good luck!