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Hello - serdar - 04-26-2022

Hello everybody,

My name's Serdar. I have been drawing on and off for sometime, but recently decided to draw more seriously. Even though I'm 37 and have a full time job that I hate, I dream of one day becoming a freelance illustrator or concept artist.

I never got to get feedback because I didn't show my work to anybody or posted anywhere. Hopefully I will post them here. I believe it will encourage me to draw more. Although I love drawing and get very excited when I imagine myself working as an artist, daily practice sometimes becomes a tedious chore, especially after a long day at work.

Long story short, I'll see you around and have a nice day.

RE: Hello - JosephCow - 04-26-2022

Welcome! It's never too late to improve, right? What's hard is like you said, having a job and a life and trying to get the practice in. You can really only do so much in a day, unfortunately.

RE: Hello - Zorrentos - 04-27-2022

Welcome to the forums Serdar! If you have a genuine desire to improve and grow as an artist, then you have very much come to the right place!

Getting feedback as an artist is super important to ensure that we continue to grow and improve, so I really hope you will consider starting a sketchbook on here and showing us your work. Hopefully, it will encourage you to work hard and push your ability to new heights!

RE: Hello - serdar - 04-27-2022

Thanks guys.