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Somewhat Goal - prince0-100 - 06-19-2022


My name is Prince and I am 19 years of age.

I have been drawing on and off my whole life. I am  now going to college to pursue a different career.

And I wanted to use my free time when I am in college to become good enough at drawing or digital painting that I can have a career in art. From what I've read 4 years is a lot of time, I've seen artist improve or become professional within a year or two. Assuming that the people who improved in that short amount of time spent a lot of time drawing, I am hoping to use all of the free time I have while in college to be spent on improving my drawing skills.

My goal is to be able to draw in this kinds of style using only my imagination where it is not too simplified, anime-ish and not photo realistic.
with the likes of these:

I got access to a lot of good anatomy books but I decided to focus only on Burne Hogarth - Dynamic Anatomy (Revised and Expanded) because of Marko Djurdjevic, love his art style and he recommended the book is good if you want to draw the figure in motion with no use of reference.

Artists I like Marko Djurdjevic, Dave Rapoza, Eliza Ivanova, Karl Kopinski, Maciej Kuciara and many more.

I will upload my sketchbook soon and include a link.
Thank you for reading

Please dont be shy and message me if you have any questions.

RE: Somewhat Goal - darktiste - 06-19-2022

What are you studying sorry if that a silly question but to me it doesn't seem clear.From my perspection it as if you are saying i am doing something opposite to what i really want to do.Because you say in my free time... which to me seem to imply you study something different... which to me mean you aren't fully commited to what you truthly wish to pursue.

Correct me before i make more incorrect observation... it seem like you don't want to have an social life if that really how you see it going it ok to be hungry but you gotta understand that you will get burn out very quickly if you split time between college and pursuing a chance at an art career.

It possible to learn by on your own how to draw but it take a sharp vision to achieve it and it not just a question of having book but being able to create a working frame that enable you to progress without sinking.Mindless studying and you will end up shooting your foot.What you will leak if you find yourself without a mentor will be structure it will be trial of error which is very time consuming.

I know you are young but making clear choose is important to draw a path for yourself you are free to explore but it as a cost which might be financial or time.

Meanwhile how are you going to finance the cost of those study. Not only that you have to balance time is a factor and energy but you can't forget that in between that you have to keep an eye on your own well being which affect the output of whatever you are doing.Without a good balance bad thing will happen.

It might not be easy to hear but i hope one day you can recognize that this harsh reality is to set you up for sucess.

RE: Somewhat Goal - prince0-100 - 06-19-2022

That is a lot to unfold. But yeah that is pretty much what i want to do, I just believe that you don't need to have a passion for a thing to be able to be good at it(college) I think can survive the 4 yrs and become good at that field while also continuously trying to improve my art skill. In my situation I just could not attend college(I don't wanna get in to details on why).

Burnout is a really big thing I think it happened to me a couple of times along with school workload, resulting to me stop doing art. From that experience I think I can slow down or relax when I feel like I am reaching that point.

Things that I keep reminding myself when feeling unmotivated:
There is this podcast with Even Mehl Amundsen, The main idea is doing little everytime is beneficial and it can even be the faster route.

In an interview of Marko Djurdjevic he said that dave rapoza send him an e-mail of his art asking an estimate on how long will it take him to be good (marko said you can do it 2 years focusing on this and that) with dave rapoza replying I am gonna do it in a year and he did.

One more:
These one is what I am currently focusing on developing the discipline of studying and applying.