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Hi, Crimson Daggers! - NeonCapricorn - 11-13-2022

Hi, all! Name's Rob, and I'm just here to find a community with some art geeks who like to share their works and their knowledge. I'm here to try and be a more contributing member to an online community. Plus, CD reminds me a lot of the communities that were around when I was a wee-lad. This place seems like a really cool place, and I look forward to seeing some awesome work as I lurk around these forums.

RE: Hi, Crimson Daggers! - JosephCow - 11-13-2022

Welcome! This place is actually pretty active considering how old and obscure it is. A lot of the sections don't really see any action anymore, but there are discussions in each other's sketchbooks pretty frequently. So I'd definitely start with making your own sketchbook thread and sharing some work!

edit: Oh I just saw you just made one, my bad!