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RE: JonHop's Sketchbook - JakeB - 12-13-2013

Nice work dude. Sketchbook stuff looks sweet, really liked that top one in #238 lol.. With your value stuff, it might benefit from a little more contrast, some of them look a little washed out atm. Maybe try a few sketches with just 3 values - black, white and 50% grey? Or just try and push the value range a little further. Just a thought :)

Keep it up dude :)

RE: JonHop's Sketchbook - Jarrad - 12-13-2013

I'm really digging the pen in the sketchbook stuff. Have you considering trying to get the same crisp shapes when using digital? I think it would make your digital stuff have a stronger read and impact!

RE: JonHop's Sketchbook - ramalooke - 12-16-2013

Tons of sweet sketches. Drawing on toned papper always had certain appeal to me. Keep them coming. I digg those updates! Cheers!

RE: JonHop's Sketchbook - JonHop - 12-20-2013

@ramalooke thanks man!

@ Jarrad Thanks, I'll try implement it soon.

@jake thanks dude, i'll be sure to work on it! :)

Some of the better sketches ive done since last time.

RE: JonHop's Sketchbook - meat - 12-20-2013

Cool creatures! You gotta put one in for that creature contest with Whitlatch!

RE: JonHop's Sketchbook - ramalooke - 12-20-2013

Awesome. Much love <3

RE: JonHop's Sketchbook - EduardoGaray - 12-21-2013

indeed, awesome style! :D i really like that kind of traditional sketching

RE: JonHop's Sketchbook - JonHop - 01-08-2014

Thanks Guys :)

Some quick digital sketches before work, would have uploaded some more traditional sketches but forgot my bag in work :(.

RE: JonHop's Sketchbook - Jarrad - 01-14-2014

Aw yes! These last digital sketches are SO much stronger than the last one you posted! It is overall a lot clearer at too the point. Do you find that you think more with pen and marker (since there's not undo) which causes you to make marks more carefully?

RE: JonHop's Sketchbook - JonHop - 01-14-2014

@ Jarrad Thanks Man! I really like pens and markers, for me it's much quicker than pencil to get ideas down and if something isn't working I leave it and move on. And yes it does cause you to think about your mark making but i find happy 'accidents' are easier to come by as well than with pencil where you can get rid of mistakes, this way of sketching forces you to see it not as a mistake but an opportunity to create something you may not have thought of.

Here's more sketchbook stuff sorry have been lazy to upload it!

RE: JonHop's Sketchbook - pugsloth - 01-18-2014

Loving the tanned sketchbook and markers man! Gotta say there is so much improvement in this sketchbook, especially the digital paintings, keep it up man, really enjoyable stuff.

RE: JonHop's Sketchbook - ramalooke - 01-18-2014

Toned paper is the best =D I really enjoy those last sketches of yours. Keep it up =)

RE: JonHop's Sketchbook - Jonesoda - 01-18-2014

Really digging these creature sketches dude! especially the long legged bird. I think some of em could use a bit more structure though. perhaps some animal skull studies would help? anyway keep it coming Man!

RE: JonHop's Sketchbook - Jaik - 01-19-2014

Why does toned paper always look more bad ass than white paper...

As Jonesoda said, try some skull studies. This is a really good site for studies

Keep up the good work :) and thanks for dropping by my sketchbook :)

RE: JonHop's Sketchbook - dracken - 01-19-2014

Nice work, just remember to back up those imagination studies with studies from real life.

Keep pushing!

RE: JonHop's Sketchbook - JonHop - 01-21-2014

@pugsloth - Thank you, I appreciate it :)

@ Ramalooke Thanks man!

@ jonesoda - Thanks! I'll get onto those skull studies soon

@ jaik - Thank you! Site looks awesome saved in my favs.

@dracken thanks, and will do!

A few more sketches

RE: JonHop's Sketchbook - Gavinchi - 01-24-2014

Really loving those creatures, man! Awesome sketchbook!

RE: JonHop's Sketchbook - Jaik - 01-26-2014

Nice work, good to see you are taking into account perspective when doing these sketches. You should try experimenting with different large shape ratios. What I mean by the is things like big body, small head, or cylindrical body, square head. Just vary up your base shapes in both shape and size compared to the other parts of the body.

Good work though, keep on keeping on.

RE: JonHop's Sketchbook - ivan gregor - 02-11-2014

I've looked at all your sketchbook and i've observed that you didn't actually do any construction exercises which are the most important.Not even gesture drawings will help in making a good solid drawing.
If you want to improve faster you must start to focus on linework,building with simple shapes as circles,squares etc or cillinders and blocks and less on rendering.
I recommend you to look after Michael Hampton figure invention book[or workshops] and read it draw from it to learn more about construction with cilinders and such.[it also covers gesture drawing i think]
As here
By doing this you can see and visualize more clearly the direction of the body parts and also give them solidity.
If i remember right even in the loomis books there are things about construction.
For animals the skeletons,learn number and lenght of the bones draw with blocks .See Marshall Vandruff dvd.

Keep working.

RE: JonHop's Sketchbook - JonHop - 02-24-2014

@ gavinchi Thanks man!

@Jaik, Thanks, will try to start playing with different size variations etc :)

@ Ivan, thank you for the critique , I'll keep what you've said in mind and try to implement it.

Some sketches, traditional and digital