Getting fit, reboot !
Basically i was a super lazy slob who did nothing but party and drink, then i was signed up to a boxing match and had 2 months to get serious, I busted ass, lost like 12kg and got super duper duper fit.

I had a huge mental change and started to work really hard on things, realized i suck at drawing and got super anxious and ate heaps and did nothing but draw, I stacked on weight and lost all my health and fitness and got really down and it effected all areas of life. SO ! time to get fit again, get super healthy and productive. Going to start with some weights and cardio each day and keep on dieting healthy and monitor food portions!
Peaaaaaceee :)

First pic is me on day one of starting to train, Pudgey as, my belly is hidden begind the tubs haha. then the second is me just before the fight
[Image: old_zps18c434ba.jpg]

me today, Not overweight but Super unhealthy and no definition ( its actually more like 10 months*)
[Image: today_zps2ee4fb20.jpg]

Sweet, lets do this!

Ive had no internet for the last few months and been moving around lots and lots! but finally settled again! got abit leaner, butttttt aint nobody got time for dat, Decided im going to bulk up
and do some lifting! so hopefully by the next upload ill look something like predator and mr T's love child

Peaaacee dagerinos <3

[Image: gains_zps713ed56e.png]

Kind of nice to come back on this! Totally changed my attitude about myself when I started working out and studying the fundamentals of building muscle 
[Image: tm1lKa2l.jpg][Image: rMYsQWOl.jpg]
Awesome Progresse man ! thats a huge change since 2012 , keep killing it and lift heavy !
Holy fuck

absolutely awesome transformation man! Just yeah, dayum.

This makes me want to look after myself a lot more lol

Great job again, super inspiring


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