Getting better at proportions
Hi all,

I've reached a big wall in my quest of improving my skills.
I find that I'm slowly improving at almost everything except proportions.
My proportions, from ref or from imagination are always off and skewed.

This can't just be a matter of drawing more.. How do you improve your proportions? What kind of practice did you find that helped you more?

Any advice would be much appreciated!!!
#2 try this! you don't have to pay anything if you don't want to. The glasses thing is kind of corny, but he actually has pretty good ideas. It's really important to refine your proportions by essentially copying stuff in a way where you deal with proportions from big to small.

Well the problem with porportion is that if you don't learn them they won't improve.You can just eye ball proportion that for artist who have the mileage or all the time on there hand .But people who struggle with proportion it is generally because they don't memorize the ratio or have problem to apply those ration into perspective.The hardest part about proportion is foreshortning.The most important proportion are to me definitively those of the head due how small the feature of the face are .A small error in proportion in the face can really drive down the quality of the end product.Well the problem might be your eye to spot the proportion error but if you don't know the proper ratio your not able to fix those error.Here a small example of a proportion chart you can probably found more complex one.

The important thing is to understand that your figure head is the starting unit who will set the scale of everything around it.The most important proportion point of the body from one to an other that have a one head lenght those should be the first you should memorize.You can later learn more complex proportion that aren't necessarly one head distance from on an other.

I advise loomis drawing book on this matter it the standard to learning proportion in my opinion.If you want to get good at proportion don't be afraid of perspective,strong foreshortning and alot of anatomy study from different angle.

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