Getting fit, reboot !
Basically i was a super lazy slob who did nothing but party and drink, then i was signed up to a boxing match and had 2 months to get serious, I busted ass, lost like 12kg and got super duper duper fit.

I had a huge mental change and started to work really hard on things, realized i suck at drawing and got super anxious and ate heaps and did nothing but draw, I stacked on weight and lost all my health and fitness and got really down and it effected all areas of life. SO ! time to get fit again, get super healthy and productive. Going to start with some weights and cardio each day and keep on dieting healthy and monitor food portions!
Peaaaaaceee :)

First pic is me on day one of starting to train, Pudgey as, my belly is hidden begind the tubs haha. then the second is me just before the fight
[Image: old_zps18c434ba.jpg]

me today, Not overweight but Super unhealthy and no definition ( its actually more like 10 months*)
[Image: today_zps2ee4fb20.jpg]


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