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Hey guys,

I'm brand new to the forums so I don't expect you guys to take my suggestions with very much merit, but I felt like sharing anyway.

A lot of new forums I see tend to load up on subforums. I think this is kind of a bad thing as it fragments discussion and makes it harder for people to check everything quickly.

Right now there are 16 forum sections. I think it could be brought down to 8 quite easily.

  1. Introduce yourself forum could be changed into a single thread, where people post to introduce themselves.
  2. Spotlight could be a single forum sections, with two sticky threads, one for Bloodsport Challenge winners, and the other for the GOlden Boy awards.
  3. General could be folded into a single forum. Since it's the general forum, there's not really a need to separate art from regular discussions. Rules could just be a sticky thread inside it.
  4. Library could be folded into a single forum the same way. Resources could easily be a sticky thread.
  5. The rest is pretty much great I think!

Again, just sharing my thoughts. I like when forums are as compact as possible because I don't always have that much time to check them!



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