MagneticScrolls Sketchbook - Starting from the beginning again
Hi darktiste here to give you some tips on line quality and how to achieve beliveable cube

Find the most comfortable angle of approach (rotating your page if necessary) 

i find it easier on some paper to draw line toward yourself so make sure to rotate the page if necessary so that this can be achieve 

Here how i advise to start to have solid horizontale and verticale line you can refer back to as you progress.Remember aslong as you have a good pair of horizontale and verticale line to refer to you will be having no problem creating cube this of course only true if you know the rule of perspective.

Practice cube in 1 point perspective to increase the quality of the cube
Practice by placing the cube over the horizon line

The goal of this exercise is to create one side of the cube this will help you greatly to unlock how to do the rest of the cube in 1 point perspective.

Step 1 
Draw 2 Verticale touching the horizon line.Than Divide each verticale in half.Now from the point A draw a diagonal going to the bottom of the left or right Verticale.I choose to go to the right one.Note that it not necessary to follow this rule because vanishing point can be place anywhere on the horizon line.But remember that once a vanishing point is establish all other line that must vanish must go to that point.

Step 2 
Create 2 horizontale line represented in the example by the blue line.Than choose one of the 3 horizontale red line to create the bottom side of the cube

Step 3 
Erase all the guide.You just did one box over the horizon.

To make good straight line you want to make sure to spend time practicing the dot exercise you dont need to be perfect in those exercise the point of those exercise is to increase you hand eye cordination.
What is important in achieving straight line .Don't panic breath and ghost over the paper multiple before putting the line of paper.Do not rush ghosting it important in setting the angle of the line right
Control the speed of the hand and make sure that no hand is place between the eye and the page so that you can clearly see from point A to B.
I would suggest you also draw alot of parallel line and you should be able to draw them as far as possible from each other and you need to preserve the parallelity of those line.
I would also encourage you to do square and rectangle of different size the bigger the harder so start small and than go big.

One of the big error i find out will i was check the exercise you made is that you didn't draw the form as if it was transparent this help in understanding how the cube sit in 3d it essential to know how the invisible side look you will find out soon or later why it important. 

Note that if you put the vanishing point anywhere that is not under the square you will get an additional side of the cube showing.

Those exercise can't be ignore without big consequence

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