MagneticScrolls Sketchbook - Starting from the beginning again
(10-21-2017, 03:27 AM)darktiste Wrote: ''This is not a sprint, and not a marathon.''

I advice you watch how you comment on your progress there no need for self bashing we all come here to learn and we learn this craft with patience and we need to take time to look at what we do wrong that of course if we ready to admit we can improve.It normal that sometime we get stuck because we can't see some error by yourself but the more we learn the more we can understand what we make wrong and apply correction.It important to take pause after an exercise and to come back and look at the result.An error is an opportunity to learn.

I got something to offer you to look at i think it could really do a favor if you practice this simple exercise it not something that is really enjoyable it repeatitive but trust me it as potential to unlock new level for you

Remember you got to enjoy each little progress because no matter what everytime you learn something new it a new weapon to your belt.

Watch the first video until around 11:50 and just draw as he instruct it important to use the pen for those exercise i see you using a ball point pen i think it not optimal but use what you have you can go buy what he advise to use if you can afford to find it and buy it.

and do the additional exercise of this video

Don't forget to post the result.

I feel frustrated because it feels like I get nothing from it after all the effort I put into things.
I watched the Peter Han video all the way through and attempted the exercises with lines. I bought some felt tipped pens. I managed to break one by driving the tip into the pen somehow. I think I'm pressing down too hard.
The only thing I can say is I gave his exercises my best attempt. Lines still have frayed edges and I found it extremely difficult to draw with the pen at 90 degrees.  

(10-21-2017, 04:59 AM)ThereIsNoJustice Wrote: It's important to learn technical perspective before doing organic. Go through Scott Robertson's How to Draw and/or Marshall Vandruff's perspective course. Scott Robertson also has videos on how to draw basic shapes, cars, etc. I would recommend getting all of these if you want to really understand perspective well.

You're running into trouble because you've skipped a step.
I didn't think any of the Draw a Box lessons needed any prerequisites aside from the previous lessons from the site itself. I suppose I'll need to go through Scott Robertson's videos first before continuing to do anything else from Draw A Box.

Peter Han Exercises - 2 inch lines

[Image: PH_Lines_2_Inch_1.jpg]
[Image: PH_Lines_2_Inch_2.jpg]
[Image: PH_Lines_2_Inch_3.jpg]
[Image: PH_Lines_2_Inch_4.jpg]
[Image: PH_Lines_2_Inch_5.jpg]
[Image: PH_Lines_2_Inch_6.jpg]
[Image: PH_Lines_2_Inch_7.jpg]
[Image: PH_Lines_2_Inch_8.jpg]
[Image: PH_Lines_2_Inch_9.jpg]
[Image: PH_Lines_2_Inch_10.jpg]

Peter Han Exercises - Half Page

[Image: PH_Lines_Half_Page_1.jpg]
[Image: PH_Lines_Half_Page_2.jpg.jpg]
[Image: PH_Lines_Half_Page_3.jpg.jpg]
[Image: PH_Lines_Half_Page_4.jpg.jpg]

Peter Han Exercises - Whole Page Lines

[Image: PH_Lines_Whole_Page_1.jpg]
[Image: PH_Lines_Whole_Page_2.jpg.jpg]
[Image: PH_Lines_Whole_Page_3.jpg.jpg]
[Image: PH_Lines_Whole_Page_4.jpg.jpg]
[Image: PH_Lines_Whole_Page_5.jpg.jpg]
[Image: PH_Lines_Whole_Page_6.jpg.jpg]
[Image: PH_Lines_Whole_Page_7.jpg.jpg]
[Image: PH_Lines_Whole_Page_8.jpg.jpg]

Peter Han Exercises - Arcs

[Image: PH_Arcs_1.jpg.jpg]
[Image: PH_Arcs_2.jpg]
[Image: PH_Arcs_3.jpg]
[Image: PH_Arcs_4.jpg]
[Image: PH_Arcs_5.jpg]
[Image: PH_Arcs_6.jpg]
[Image: PH_Arcs_7.jpg]
[Image: PH_Arcs_8.jpg]
[Image: PH_Arcs_9.jpg]
[Image: PH_Arcs_10.jpg]
[Image: PH_Arcs_11.jpg]
[Image: PH_Arcs_12.jpg]

Peter Han Exercises - Waves

[Image: PH_Waves_1.jpg]
[Image: PH_Waves_2.jpg]
[Image: PH_Waves_3.jpg]
[Image: PH_Waves_4.jpg]
[Image: PH_Waves_5.jpg]
[Image: PH_Waves_6.jpg]
[Image: PH_Waves_7.jpg]
[Image: PH_Waves_8.jpg]
[Image: PH_Waves_9.jpg]
[Image: PH_Waves_10.jpg]
[Image: PH_Waves_11.jpg]

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