MagneticScrolls Sketchbook - Starting from the beginning again
Well good job you almost did 100 but the goal is not the number it the quality what drawing book you have to study from?Maybe i can help you progress in a logical way in those book.

Did you draw from reference of from imagination?

I recommend you take the image Amit dutta gave you and take the time to apply the construction to those head also.You don't necessarly have to add the indication of light for the moment because you need to focus on the construction that are is still fragile.

And to compliment the construction from imagination you need to also supplement with drawing from life to understand the feature and the relation of the element of the face.

I recommend that you construct the head from reference instead of imagination for the moment and you assign a number to each head to relate it to a reference image.

The point i wanna stress is reference,construction,accuracy,no shadow or light.

You got good result at the begin of the 100 but you seem to have lost patience overtime it not a race.

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