Long time/No see
Hey, all.

So name’s Mikel, although due to recent events and the general struggle of life, I’m now going by my middle name, Chris, so let’s try that again—

Hey, all! The name’s Christian (“Chris” is fine). Fun fact: I’m actually an old-school Dagger, around from the days when our Lord and Savior, the incomparable Dave Rapoza (just kidding, that’s the kind of stuff he hates) first started the group and everything blew up. I’d started up doing studies and building up technique back in ‘12, but then things kinda got crazy and my Intuos ceased functioning.

I’d planned to replace it at some point but was just never making the kind of money where I could justify frontin’ that kinda cash, so I just put it off until suddenly it’s been six years, and well...here we are!

Circumstances have changed once more, I’m no longer employed, and I don’t really have anything—no tablet, no reputable computer, just an iPad mini, a stack of post-its, a sketchbook, mechanical pencil, and beginners’ set of Crayola watercolors.

I’m just gonna start from scratch (again) and see what happens, do what I can with what I’ve got. And I think now’s as good a time as any to basically make this the opportunity.

We’ll see what happens.

Most of my stuff is updated through Facebook, though I’ll keep a sketchbook here, and I’ve got a twitter (@empathicwriter) if anyone’s interested. I’ve still got all my old DeviantArt accounts and stuff, I just hardly ever use them.

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