hello there!
First I would like to apologise for my wrong grammar because english is not my first language. I'm new here to this site and I'm a late bloomer artist which means I shift career and I choose this path to become artist. I was working in hospitality industry and at the same time I'm also was a full time musician for about almost 5 years but due to having a anxiety disorder and other health issues I have nothing left to offer for my family to help them that's why I become an artist not just because I have no choice the reason is I realized this is what i want to do in my whole life. I've been drawing since at the age of 5 but I didn't take it serious in highschool because I'm just considering it as a hobby but now I'm 30 years old now grinding to improve everything from fundamentals to finish illustrations that i want to make. I'm a huge fan of the artist like frank frazetta, jeff jones, boris vallejo, cynthia sheppard, brad rigney, kekkai kotaki and many other artist to mention. I'm looking forward to hangout with you guys in the future even though i'm trying to stay away in social media to focus more in improving my craft

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