How to find (adult) art friends?
The art community here in my city is pretty small, and they weren't very in touch with each other. I found out once that someone started to make videogame art meetups and i went. After two meetings they stopped, so i talked with the guy that was running it and offered him my help. Since then and for two years, we were making those meetings monthly and a lot of artist came. All ages and experiences. I started to meet and being in touch with colleagues.

I think the casual instance opened social possibilities, maybe in studying environments you may be restricted with the structure of the course or perhaps the people mindset itsn't very social.

In this case, the meetings were always in pubs (people had between 19 to 35+ years old) where we could talk and drink something. Some people went there to draw, share sketchbooks, or talk about art in general and the industry experiences. But I found out that not many artist really wanted to talk about those things and were not very passioned about the craft or learning process so i actually didn't make many art friends (but i made some close friends anyways).

But it was an amazing experience and of course the connections were valuable.
Today it's harder to find that kind of event because of the isolation. So I started to look for friends and communities online.


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