POV: u r me and a can't get out of bed :')
I do understand those internet loop specially if you work somewhat digitally, Ideally you would have self control over the temptation.But if you want to try to find your own flow as i like to call it i suggest trying to go back to the basic of drawing and draw on paper with a simple pencil it can be really calming when you doodle around it sure as also it own struggle no digitally trickry here but it really a rewarding medium at the same time.

First thing i would recommend really is get the phone away from you and find a space for the laptop and try to keep it seperate from the space where you would draw traditionally if you think that would help you draw more and procrastinate less.We are not distracted necessarly but we allow were environnement to trigger this procrastination.You would feel much different in a empty room where there nothing but a pencil and a chair i can tell you.If we allow thing to be in were face it not a surprise if thing get in the way.

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