Somewhat Goal

My name is Prince and I am 19 years of age.

I have been drawing on and off my whole life. I am  now going to college to pursue a different career.

And I wanted to use my free time when I am in college to become good enough at drawing or digital painting that I can have a career in art. From what I've read 4 years is a lot of time, I've seen artist improve or become professional within a year or two. Assuming that the people who improved in that short amount of time spent a lot of time drawing, I am hoping to use all of the free time I have while in college to be spent on improving my drawing skills.

My goal is to be able to draw in this kinds of style using only my imagination where it is not too simplified, anime-ish and not photo realistic.
with the likes of these:

I got access to a lot of good anatomy books but I decided to focus only on Burne Hogarth - Dynamic Anatomy (Revised and Expanded) because of Marko Djurdjevic, love his art style and he recommended the book is good if you want to draw the figure in motion with no use of reference.

Artists I like Marko Djurdjevic, Dave Rapoza, Eliza Ivanova, Karl Kopinski, Maciej Kuciara and many more.

I will upload my sketchbook soon and include a link.
Thank you for reading

Please dont be shy and message me if you have any questions.

Don't be shy and message me if you have any questions.

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