A sketchbook (March 17th, 2015)
Heres some head studies from yesterday and todays livestream

[Image: JD008er.jpg]

And heres some work i did awhile ago for Paizo.

[Image: ClANyeI.jpg]

[Image: SodYNzL.jpg]

[Image: x13jY5e.jpg]

More studies to come soon.

Man, the awesomeness on these paizo paintings, just too cool.

Rafa zanchetin: thanks man! im hopin to be able to do more for them, they are a blast to paint.

heres this weeks studies all on one image. Did them all on my livestream. livestream.com/johnderekmurphy

[Image: vkJRCnL.jpg]

Just wow. Very impressive works, each and every one of them.

AliceChopper: thansk for the kind words man! :D

Heres todays studies.

[Image: pvkuNJU.jpg]

from todays stream livestream.com/johnderekmurphy

[Image: 3IxMGEk.jpg]

Love those characters man, great job!

Those characters are dope! Great line quality on your figures too; makes me realize how much I need to work on my own figures.

Keep it up!

Pnate: Hey man, thanks glad you like em!

Jeremygordon89: Thanks man! A couple hours a day is all it takes, im feelin a bit more confident in my poses already. keep at it man!

Heres day 3 of poses for the week.

[Image: 3zcSkGb.jpg]

Awesome characters!

Love this sketchbook, everything is perfect. Good to see you back, Don't stop!
Olooriel: :D thanks!

BenFlores: thanks man, i really apprecite the kind words! Its good to be back, ill be here for a good while!

Heres todays studies.

[Image: 4KwmviO.jpg]

from todays livestream.

[Image: sRN2cAF.jpg]

some 60 second hand gestures and a few studies on the right side of the image. as well as a ork fella standing around.

[Image: 6d7xskt.jpg]

[Image: 4pEFzkN.jpg]

[Image: waHgChg.jpg]

Awesome work man , very inspiring i might just kinda try and follow the same study plan you have here .3.

I mean how do you go about deciding what to study , does it really matter ?

Excellent studies! The way you draw the structure of hands, oh man! I learned so much just from glancing at it. Your characters are also very impressive great stuff here!

oh awesome hand studies!

NinoKitteN: Thanks man! Awesome, by all means man, I didnt really put to much thought into it. i wrote down a list of things i wanted to revisit, but I was in no rush to get to the complicated stuff so i justed started with photo studies of heads. That and I knew i wanted to do each thing in a week, gives me enough days to focus on what ever it is before i start growing tired of it and lose focus.

vymnis: Thanks man! :D

maggie: Thank you very much!

Heres 2 more quick hand studies done today on the livestream livestream.com/johnderekmurphy

[Image: oeeFYfz.jpg]

holy shit, your sketchbook is awesome =D i digg those paintings for paizo. good job!


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