Gliger's Sketchbook
Thaaank you :)

Some stuff from the stream, I'm not going to upload the animation until it's finished (still thinking about keeping it 100% traditional hmm....)

[Image: t6yWIiT.png]

Inspired by Otomo

[Image: mjVSqdk.png]
[Image: 61vSclm.png]

I like how you do such detailed studying and then making simplistic chars, building a consistent style with thorough anatomy and applying it to your style.

I know I've said something similar before, but idc.

Gliger, your style kinda reminds me of Sergi Brosa's work and Tatsuyuki Tanaka's - purely because of the swagger content of it.

Seriously, never stop.

that last dude is 2cool4me

70+Page Koala Sketchbook: SB

Paintover thread, submit for crits!
[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.882)]e owl sat on an oak. The more he saw, the less he spoke.[/color]
Youre line quality is improving mate.youre last post is that your own designs?
how do you come up with it ? i prolly should watch your streams. maybe later . but yeah keep it going my friend :)

Love u lqin.

Smrr: thank you :), that's super motivating, yeah love those 2.

Fedo: yup

Kurt: yeah own designs, sure! come sometime, I actually have everything recorded in HD so I might upload it somewhere :D

Something from this afternoon's stream

[Image: TXb82Sm.png]

[Image: jDKn5IK.png]

oh my goodness, Gliger! Your studies are coming out amazing. I'm seriously fawning over your studies. They're coming out great! I need to watch your stream. :D

Man, I envy your digital sketching skills. You make it look so easy. Those last body sketches look rather androgynous instead of female, is that intentional? Most women tend to have a bit more rounded shoulders compared to men, and hips a bit wider… though many of your characters follow this general body frame, so I’ll just assume it’s intentional/personal choice and shut up now :p

Keep 'em updates coming!

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Every feedback is appreciated!
Thank you Eroqii :D
And Lyra, thank you so much for that crit, yeah, I'm trying to break out of boundaries and try to make women look like women without having a checklist of things they need to have, just for practice, anyways I didn't know about the shoulders, thanks :DDD.

Some unfinished stuff from today's stream

*Click on the image to make it full res, or right click -> view image

[Image: nz5CfWC.png]

EDIT: forgot to upload these

[Image: 59qSxV3.png?1]

[Image: DOpLFzg.png]

Diggggginnnnn' these variations... fuaaaaaaaaaaahh <3
Bottom left is my fave, probably because of the design you chose to put on his traps. Idk what they are, but make him instantly cooler in my eyes haha.

Stop being so cool, Gliger!

I'll be back ofc (even if it's just to annoy you my comments that have no real substance to them lolol) o/

Your sketches and designs are really awesome! I find your style really fun to see.
Studies & characters look great :)
I haven't seen style like this before.

Thank you all 3 :D, and thanks smrr, I think I'm going with that one but with whiter teeth, but I'll make different/no glasses.

Something from today's stream.

[Image: 5WKk3ay.png]

[Image: VRTO87l.png]

[Image: jtx75Xx.png]

Aaand the standby image I'll be using from now on when I don't want to stop streaming but I need to take a break

[Image: SCMOwOE.png]
*Music will depend on each session

Cool form studies, some of your stylizations look nice and interesting.
And theres even a dickangel :D


Y-y-you make studying look cool sir... 

*runs away*

Thank you for your nice comments ladies and gents

Another WIP from the stream, redesign of the pink/purple chick higher up the page; that reminds me I still need to finish the other dude.

[Image: FRsSzLO.png]

Hnnnnnnnnnnng, I love this redesign dude.
So good.

y u do dis.

Sank you.

Trying to graphic design graphic designs.

[Image: QYnT5QN.png]

[Image: RWHRz9N.png]

AAnd the new stream banner

[Image: 39RCpxV.png]


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