Hi, my name is Anna but friends often call me Yumi so it's up to you which one to use. I'm from Poland and I'm currently at my 4th year in art high school(which kind of sucks but traditional printmaking tools and cool classmates made me stay there xD). I've been drawing my whole life but I'm not satisfied with my art soo it's prooobably a sign that I should study more.

I'm currently going through Color and Light by James Gurney. Also I'm trying to get into design a little bit.
I'd love to become a professional artist someday so for now my goal is to develop a habit of studying art whenever I have a little bit of free time to draw in-between working on a school assignments. I hope that taking part in this community will help with that c: Also seeing all your progress and drawings is super motivating and inspiring o:

So yeah, nice to meet you all!

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