Roanna's sketchbook AKA Negative Space
(04-12-2019, 08:05 AM)ubem Wrote: Solid work, love seeing your analytical and deliberate practice, it’s definitely paying off! If you ever want to improve in your consistency and frequency of your practice, I highly recommend this audiobook atomic habits ( I thought deliberate practice was enough, but I eventually started slacking off because it was so exhausting, that book helped me turn difficult practice into a habit that is easy to follow through now. Keep up the excellent work!

Hello @ubem,
I'm so grateful for your nice words and thank you so much for your recommendation of the book, I am going to listen to it today. Also I think your point about consistency and frequency of practice is very urgent for me, because nowadays I'm not so consistent as I was a year ago. The last spring I was drawing for min 4 hours\day and although there was a huge progress I lost my interest, willpower, enjoyment and gained some stylistic features which I hated. So now I'm really struggling to make my art duties to be a habit but with keeping them fun. Now I can do art only for 2 hours maximum until I wanted to die or puke.
It's hard for me to find a balance between studying, doing "personal finished art" and receiving pleasure from what and how I'm doing.
Looking forward to hear what's inside the book! =)

Sketchbook (^_^)
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