Roanna's sketchbook AKA Negative Space
For me what worked best was box from Marcos matheos lemestre and Bridgeman, because they focus on volume and my drawing was , and is probably still lacking volume. they gave me what I was lacking most, but that probably different for everyone. I tend to do a box for pelvis, an egg for ribcage and for head, and mix of box, lines and cylinder for legs and arms. At the moment I try to find a way to incorporate simplified muscle in the mannikin, like bridgeman does for his leg for example. The drawback is that I sometime end up with heavily stylized stuff (bulbous muscles and very curvy overall) .

Here is a PDF version of bridge if you want to study from the screen :  Party !

I read Feng zhu students take a chrono to look at the time they work each days. Also read that Dave Rapoza had a personal schedule, which he followed strictly, maybe settings up personal, every days goals like that for yourself could help doing more hours.

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